1966 Corvette: Daughter surprises dad with dream car for Father's Day!

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  • Published on Jun 25, 2017

  • My dad has always wanted a Corvette. This Father's Day, with his 80th birthday just 8 months away, I decided not to wait! Tomorrow is never promised, so I decided to make my dream come true and surprise my dad with a 1966 Corvette (the year I was born, for added significance). The day was magical, and I am blessed to have been able to do this for such a great man!
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  • I'm a complete wreck right now, this was absolutely beautiful and his reaction was everything. Thank you for sharing this special moment with us and I just couldn't be happier for you guys

  • Im a 40 year old hardened Criminal after a 10-year prison bed covered in tattoos and a violent temper in my younger years and this made me cry like I was a little girl. Probably mainly cause that I don't have family anymore or maybe just to see they're still good people in the world.

  • You awesome daughter you! Your dad must be happy the day you were born.

  • Been an iron worker now for 38 years and I am sitting here balling like a baby lol. Thanks for the share.

  • There are LOTS of these surprise videos on YouTube, many of them completely staged and fake. This, however, is clearly The Real Deal. Excellent surprise for a very lucky Dad - he MUST be the best!

  • "I love you too but I wouldn't buy you a vett" lol i love this man.

  • With all the hate in the world today, wish we come have more videos just like this one...

  • I also was born in 1966. A '66 Vette with 427 c.i/425 hp is my dream car. Next year would have been my father's 80th (he was named Bob too). You dad is a lucky man, and he raised a very special daughter. Many happy miles to you both.

  • I owned a 76 and a 79 vett. The love of a daughter is a greater gift. My wife used to say I loved my vettes more than her. Now that's she gone I realize cars can be replaced but your soul mate can't.

  • This just reduced this 63 year old man to tears. This is what family is all about. Thanks for sharing.

  • What a great daughter she is, It's no wonder though, just look at her parents who still love and kiss each other after all these years. She's very fortunate to have those parents, and I'm sure they are equally happy to have her as their daughter.

  • Great video! I wish I had made a video for the car I bought for my parents last year, 2008 Mazda RX-8. The car doesn't compare, but our stories do. My parents had an 04 RX-8 that they sold to buy a pick-up truck, a truck that I needed to tow my race car and trailer. Now, I never knew or asked them to sell their car, so once I found out that they did that for me, than I just knew that I was going to buy them another newer, RX-8! Last fall I drove my parents down to a body shop, (a shop that was selling me the car) without their knowledge, and surprised them both with the, Mazda! The story about how and why I, not only ended up finding out about the real reason why they sold that car, or the reason why I had to stop racing enabling me to buy them another car is WAY longer than what I just wrote! I decided to spare you all! haha

  • Wow what a wonderful daughter who obviously loves her Dad, well done you beautiful daughter..

  • very heart warming thing to do ,you only have one dad and mum in life nice one Lisa awesome car ,regards from ireland ,i hope you read this sometime ,take care

  • Lisa, thank you for sharing this special special moment with us. I Have tears in my eyes. Lovely Greetings from Cologne, Germany.

  • From an old car guy who never had the blessing of kids....you done good. :-)

  • As a Corvette owner, 1976, I can really appreciate the love, my dad had a (56) so she's a special daughter indeed, Corvettes and love is what it all about..

  • She's a keeper. Good kid to do that for her father.

  • Lisa, I Just Saw This For The First Time, And What A Wonderful Loving Thing You Did For Your Dear Dad, Tears All Around & Thank You For Sharing This With All Of Us !!!!!!!!!!

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