1987-03-07 Mike Tyson vs James Smith (full fight)

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  • Mike, fighting machine. He just wouldn't and couldn't be stopped in his prime. Don King needs to be prevented from being born.

  • Olha o pau quebrando pai

  • 幹**我一巴掌把你打死你有什麼意見...

  • Mike is one of the best. Mike and Muhammad are the reasons why I started

  • James "Bonehugger" Smith

  • Smith should have been disqualified for holding...Mills Lane was waaaayyyy too leniant. In fact, inappropriately so for a fight of this importance.

  • Tyson could slip punches like no other back in the 80's. He was very dangerous when he got close to his opponents. They couldn't hit him, but he could hit them.

  • 12 rounds - and not a visible scratch on Tyson's face....

  • It was worth watching once. I just wish the whole fight was as good as the last 3 rounds. Ol' dude didn't do too bad, 12 rounds with a 20 year old Tyson.... He deserves some kind of props.

  • everybody wants to hug iron mike

  • James "Barnacle" Smith...

  • I hate when they start hugging each other

  • Ike Ibeabuchi was framed..false rape accusation....the heavyweight division feared him.. someone with a lot of money paid for his imprisonment i am sure..

  • %99 hug %1 fight

  • bone hugger smith

  • Bone huger.

  • It's leaving Kevin Rooney that made Tyson go down.

  • Yea James Smith... Hold Tyson like you love him and dance!!!

  • Am I the only one who saw Mike Tyson elbowing James Smith in the chest at about

  • when was he ever mike "iron man" Tyson lol he's "iron" mike Tyson