1st place Egg Drop project ideas- using SCIENCE

Sitene ekle


  • Or if you are really smart, you can modify the gene in the chick's DNA that codes the production of egg shells to make it create multi-layered graphene shells that withstand the weight of a military tank.

  • HowToBasic does not approve.

  • If you were my science teacher I would love school

  • We don't have this in France ;(

  • I remember we did this at a summer camp and we had to throw it over a wall, I put mine in a box and taped it up so much you'd have to stab the box just to start the cutting process, so when mine landed everyone was like "I heard it crack" but I just said "the egg is neither dead, nor alive. And it is both alive and dead at the same time"

  • bet 

    Legend says the egg was boiled

  • Ahh how to basic lost the competition :(

  • How many feet was the egg dropped from?

  • You could've prepare all the tests first, then throwing one by one. And make just one trip to the bottom of the bridge

  • My school had an egg drop contest where the rules were to use anything you could, but nothing electric was allowed. If your egg broke, you lost. The contest was outside. My friend was a genius: he tied it to helium balloons and let it float away.

  • Pyramid it’s actually a tetrahedron

  • Woah high school? I did this in 3rd grade0001f602

  • Finally

  • just put the egg in a jar of vinegar lol it will make it bouncy

  • just tape the egg on a cat's back cause cats always land on their feet

  • i wish you were my science teacher in high school, you make it seem actually interesting

  • I just used a box

  • This really CRACKED me up lol XD

  • In my class we taped the whole egg so that it could not break