2018 Azerbaijan Grand Prix: Race Highlights

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  • Fans: "Wow, that Red Bull crash has got to be the most embarrassing moment of the race!"

  • Verstappen driving like an idiot. He should be given like a one race ban or something. His driving is ridiculous, how he has a fanbase outside of his native homeland is beyond me. I see him as extremely unlikeable.

  • This is so much better than Monaco

  • Well done Baku

  • Baku is the most expensive GP for all the teams.


  • I pitty the fool who says street circuits are boring!!!

  • Max Verstappen, you sir are a wanker. 3 times Ricardo gave you room when he didn't have to, to avoid a collision. Then when Ricardo went to make a pass on the straight you weave about multiple times, leaving Ricardo no where to go but the back of your car. Idiot!

  • Alonso was the real driver of the day. 2 wheels drive back into the pits and still finishing 7th despite having a damaged car was a MEGA drive

  • This is one hell of a race. very exciting and very dramatic

  • The best race of 2018 season (at the moment)

  • We're Baku in Baku, and once again, Baku delivers. Well done Baku! And we'll be Baku next year, Baku!

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  • Finally someone hits Verstappen in the rear after a move like this. He has done this so many times, so many close calls already, it was just a matter of time. But the real problem is Red Bull anyway. As long as they support Verstappens dirty moves, there will be more carnage coming, more point losses.

  • Baku always dramatic, unpredictable and super

  • Leclerc P6, well done mate

  • Baku has done it again

  • Yukleyicideki Allah Korusun yazısı tam oturmuş Azeri kardeşim.Selamlar Turkiyeden....

  • verstappen is a knob