8.1 ALT CATCHUP & Blizzard’s Latest Baffling Azerite Contradiction Situation | WoW News

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  • Premiered Oct 13, 2018

  • Patch 8.1 brings new alt friendliness features and boatloads of parallel Warfront content, but there is an elephant in the room... Their recent Q&A didn't go down well, and I think I know why. Epic new Patreon rewards: https://www.patreon.com/Bellular Win a virtual ticket: https://gleam.io/competitions/Q2jle-b...
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  • Man, Belular, they pick the questions themselves. It's not like they can't prepare what they're going to say in the QA. The responses can't be excused.

  • I am sick to damn death about Azerite Azerite Azerite.

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    The bombing of Theramore was an inside jobb.

  • Sargeras wanted the best for us and we killed him.

  • The best way to get to sleep if you're having trouble sleeping is to boot up WoW.

  • The problem's of WoW go beyond the Q&A format. I don't think it's necessarily as flawed as you think, but rather it's so bad because of one very specific mindset from Blizzard, which has effectively bleeded into all of their design and interaction. To understand what I mean, look at Ion's post about content drought from the AMA.

  • They really should just make the original 4 allied races available to anyone who gets BFA at this point. It doesnt matter what you do to the legion WQ’s you shouldnt have to do outdated content for a major selling point of THIS expansion, especially if it’s one of the most tedious activities in the game. It wouldn’t be a quick easy reward either, People would still have to do the unlock quest and level them up 100 levels.

  • Garrosh did nothing wrong

  • When are Blizzard finally going to hire you as Community Manager?

  • blizzard/activision do not need any help trying to understand the player base they have total assets of US $14.746 billion. If they cannot use some of that money & put it into customer care & public relations then they deserve to fail.

  • Ion's resume is in litigation at Wilmer Cutler, one of the top law firms in the world and he went to NYU law ranked 5/6 and Harvard. To say this is a guy that cant present the best argument in a Q&A format is disingenuous at best. He is having trouble making his case because its a terrible case.

  • The problem is that Blizzard is forcing players to play the game the way they want it to be played. What I got from the Q n' A was this:

  • The main Idea I got from Blizzard's last Q&A videos was essentially "Stay subscribed and keep grinding, we'll fix this before / by the time the next expansion launches"

  • We pay them money. They take our money. Sorry, but onus is on them to get this stuff right, not for the player base to 'figure it out' when they have seemingly no input, control or ability to even converse.

  • Blizzard is just making stupid decisions over and over. For whatever reason since the start of the expansion, they treated Azerite gear differently than regular gear due to the fact they give traits. Why though? Like it's still gear that you have to upgrade and replace, it just gives traits instead of secondary stats. So they finally say that they'll add more opportunities to get higher Azerite gear, by putting it on Emissaries even though everyone said to put them in Mythic+ like regular gear. Now, it's estimated you need an item level average of 367 in order to get a 370 from the Emissary. Anyone who has 367 most likely has 370+ pieces on all their Azerite gear, thanks for being able to quick maffs Blizzard. Guess my 365 item level ass (who has 370 Azerite pieces already) can go fuck myself.

  • Ion's comments in the Forbes interview on Beta feedback are just awful.

  • instead of increasing rep gains for individual alts why not just pool reps together so what we do on one carries over on what we do on the rest? the system in SWTOR is an excellent example of how to do it the right way. but blizzard already knows how to do things the right way. they just choose not to on purpose. thats the only explanation for how they consistently piss people off then try to fall back on "oh well you cant please everybody". not if you never try. right ian? because if you try then theyll know you can. then theyll expect you to always do the right thing. and thats hard isnt it precious? better to intentionally let people down so they lower their expectations and get mad all the time.

  • I usually always agree with your reasoning and things you say but I do strongly disagree and have to say it's kind of a slap in the face to RPers. For us, the sharding problem is just as real of a problem as the reforging problem is to raiders. At this point we can't tell if we are actually on the server we have chosen. I am from Emerald Dream, which was one of few RPPVP servers, so of course I play with WM on and that is fine. My problem is, even with WM off, I never see the same people anymore. There were guilds on both sides that would wage zone wars. Now the zone wars is just a random conglomeration of everything. Same with the WM off, I get thrown into a bunch of groups and the only way to really feel like I'm on Emerald Dream, the server I've been on since day one, is to group with my guild or stand in a city and read my servers trade chat. I know sharding exists because smaller servers would feel dead, but my server is huge, and the game feels empty now in comparison when it wasn't sharded and seperated into two possible play styles.

  • As a recently returned player I'm finding my enthusiasm is waning already.