A Deaf Woman Who Can Finally Hear Meets Ellen

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  • There is no reason in the universe for this procedure to cost $30,000 per ear.

  • Wow. It cost $60K if you want to hear?! We need a HUGE change in healthcare.


  • I'm also deaf. Completely in one ear and 25% in the other I had an operation 3 years ago now. And the smallest noises are amazing to hear at first, like birds tweeting, dogs barking on the street. Cars etc

  • Ellen DeGENEROUS ❤️

  • It's things like this that give me hope for the world.

  • Who's cutting onions..?

  • how do these videos get dislikes??

  • Still makes me sick, that so many people were against free health care, when you have people who never had a chance because they were born a certain way then charge them 30,000$ PER EAR. Greedy Corporate America at its finest.

  • What I find fascinating is that she has an accent!

  • Yup, Niagara falls down my face.

  • Oh man, she is so lovely. And so is her husband and her mother in law. And Ellen is lovely too. And so are you who you are reading this comment.

  • mia 

    You can't go on ellen without expecting to get at least $10,000

  • THIS is why I love Ellen. She's so loving and generous.

  • Why would anyone dislike this?

  • I watch this every time I suffer from "Office Eye Syndrome" (dry eyes). Boooom! And they are wet again!

  • Ive stuttered all my life, never knowing what its like to talk fluent, yet im still hoping for the day when i can be like everyone else, this video gives me hope

  • A little fyi, Don't watch this video when you're pmsing.

  • You would assume there would be captions or some sign language so that those of us who are deaf could enjoy this too.

  • It's so sickening that people have to choose between getting treated for a medical condition or feeding their families. It's unacceptable.