A Deaf Woman Who Can Finally Hear Meets Ellen

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  • Published on Oct 5, 2011

  • Ellen talks with a woman who was able to hear for the first time only a week ago. And Ellen has an amazing surprise for her!
  • A Deaf Woman Who Can Finally Hear Meets Ellen etiketleri


  • There is no reason in the universe for this procedure to cost $30,000 per ear.

  • Wow. It cost $60K if you want to hear?! We need a HUGE change in healthcare.

  • I'm also deaf. Completely in one ear and 25% in the other I had an operation 3 years ago now. And the smallest noises are amazing to hear at first, like birds tweeting, dogs barking on the street. Cars etc


  • Still makes me sick, that so many people were against free health care, when you have people who never had a chance because they were born a certain way then charge them 30,000$ PER EAR. Greedy Corporate America at its finest.

  • how do these videos get dislikes??

  • Ellen DeGENEROUS ❤️

  • Who's cutting onions..?

  • It's things like this that give me hope for the world.

  • A little fyi, Don't watch this video when you're pmsing.

  • Yup, Niagara falls down my face.

  • What I find fascinating is that she has an accent!

  • Ive stuttered all my life, never knowing what its like to talk fluent, yet im still hoping for the day when i can be like everyone else, this video gives me hope

  • I watch this every time I suffer from "Office Eye Syndrome" (dry eyes). Boooom! And they are wet again!

  • Ellen is bigger than Oprah

  • THIS is why I love Ellen. She's so loving and generous.

  • Oh man, she is so lovely. And so is her husband and her mother in law. And Ellen is lovely too. And so are you who you are reading this comment.

  • Omg how she calls Ellen "ma'am" is the sweetest thing what a nice woman 

  • I want to be a speech therapist for 5 years now, partly for making deaf persons able to communicate orally. You can be so marginalized when you're not able to talk with your peers. So many things have to change about the taking-over of deaf people in society.

  • LMFAO the guy at 318 when the mother mentioned cashing her retiring fund