ALL EXCESS Ep. 5 [iPhone X Giveaway!]

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  • Published on Jul 16, 2018

  • A huge thank you to everyone who's watched, liked, subscribed, and left mean comments - it means a lot! To show my gratitude, we've got some goodies to giveaway - mainly, an iPhone X giveaway! I've also included a bunch of accessories to get you up and running right off the bat so there's no need to worry about protecting your brand new shiny hunk of metal. There's a second giveaway for the EDC (Everyday Carry) fans and leading the pack, we've got the Peak Design 5L Sling Bag to carry everything you need on the go! ---------------------------------------------------- HOW TO ENTER: CLOSED PRIZES: IPHONE X PRIZE PACK GIVEAWAY: iPhone X (Sponsored by RhinoShield) $100 RhinoShield Gift Card olloclip Lens + Slim Case £100 Nodus Gift Card Slickwraps For A Year (1 per month) Nomad PowerPack Nomad Universal Cable Jabra Elite Sport Wireless Earphones NEWLY ADDED - Distil Union Wally Case *** EDC PRIZE PACK GIVEAWAY: Peak Design 5L Sling KeySmart Pro Distil Union MagLock Bellroy All Conditions Essentials Pocket StatGear Pocket Samurai Orbitkey Clip Orbitkey Ring Orbitkey Strap Nodus Wallet of Choice Ridge Wallet RULES: - Winners are chosen at random - Winners can only win once - Winners will be contacted through email - International entries allowed - YouTube is not a sponsor of this contest/giveaway DEADLINE: August 5, 2018 ---------------------------------------------------- EARN $10 FOR FREE THROUGH EBATES - http://bit.ly/2rizJ4q FREE AMAZON PRIME TRIAL - http://amzn.to/2dN96zc ---------------------------------------------------- GEAR LIST - http://bit.ly/2wphTQP ---------------------------------------------------- SUPPORT ME ON PATREON: http://bit.ly/2amNJPL ---------------------------------------------------- Website: http://www.excessorize.me Faceboook: https://www.facebook.com/excessorizeme Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/excessorizeme Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/excessorize.me ----------------------------------------------------
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  • Omg I'm so excited!! And didnt even watch the video yet!

  • I don’t even care about the give away, tbh I just subbed yesterday after watching you catalyst iPhone X case video, and I saw how funny you are, (mainly just smacking the case a whole bunch, yeah that’s my humor) and I just find you a great and probably my most favorite YouTuber. Hope I win, but I’m just happy I found your channel

  • The best giveaway on YouTube, no doubt about it.

  • These are two great giveaways! Thanks for giving a chance to give back to your subscribers! ❤️0001f44f0001f3fc

  • I was subscribed before this video so you should know that I’m a legit subscriber and I actually like your videos. Like they always say, “You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take” so by doing this I’m simply giving me at least some sort of chance for me to win. Well have a gr8 day.

  • OMG !!! I am sooo excited! Hopping hopping 0001f91e0001f3fb

  • I discovered your channel when i was finding a gift for father's day and i saw your edc video. You are just so funny and you smacking items randomly or throwing is not annoying at all. 0001f602 So yeah, i'm not commenting for the giveaway. I just appreciate your effort alot. Happy 100k!

  • Saw you first in your RhinoShield S8 review. Probably the funniest case review I've seen. Made me sub, and made me buy a bumper!

  • Seriously bro you are way underrated. Your content is of high quality and I like it when you smack things too lol. I’m sure you will reach 5k soon and then the million mark! I found your channel when I was searching for the case videos and how durable they are and I found yours to be way satisfying to watch haha

  • Very good gifts 3 I wish won 0001f643 I love your Chanel and your videos

  • Congrats on 100k awesome tech vids and super helpful. Love the videos u make since I haven’t seen anyone treat there phone like u do0001f602. Keep up the good work road to 1 million baby.

  • I found your channel from a friend. And your videos are top notch! my favorite videos are when you are trying out cases! so happy that you made it too 100k even though I haven't been here that long I am still happy for your success!

  • I hope I can win I've never had an iPhone before so this would mean a lot to me if I wiN and your the best

  • Would love to get an iPhone X stuck with the old Samsung

  • I discovered you on the $50 SlickWraps Mystery Box video 0001f44d0001f3fd

  • You’ve made me purchased rhinoshield cases for my phone, I’m from India and I had to pay in dollars to get it imported 0001f923 - great content and crisp editing, way to go 0001f44d

  • This winner is gonna be soo happy he could die by happiness and great thing about me is I like to die!

  • Just subscribed and watched all your videos in just 3 days

  • i’m so happy your channel has been growing lately because you definitely deserve it!! i love your videos so much i definitely have used these to buy a bunch of cases!!

  • Yeeeeess0001f601 I need the iPhone X to improve my photography skills I have wanted one for as long as I remember !!!