ALL EXCESS Ep. 5 [iPhone X Giveaway!]

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  • Published on Jul 16, 2018

  • A huge thank you to everyone who's watched, liked, subscribed, and left mean comments - it means a lot! To show my gratitude, we've got some goodies to giveaway - mainly, an iPhone X giveaway! I've also included a bunch of accessories to get you up and running right off the bat so there's no need to worry about protecting your brand new shiny hunk of metal. There's a second giveaway for the EDC (Everyday Carry) fans and leading the pack, we've got the Peak Design 5L Sling Bag to carry everything you need on the go! ---------------------------------------------------- HOW TO ENTER: CLOSED PRIZES: IPHONE X PRIZE PACK GIVEAWAY: iPhone X (Sponsored by RhinoShield) $100 RhinoShield Gift Card olloclip Lens + Slim Case £100 Nodus Gift Card Slickwraps For A Year (1 per month) Nomad PowerPack Nomad Universal Cable Jabra Elite Sport Wireless Earphones NEWLY ADDED - Distil Union Wally Case *** EDC PRIZE PACK GIVEAWAY: Peak Design 5L Sling KeySmart Pro Distil Union MagLock Bellroy All Conditions Essentials Pocket StatGear Pocket Samurai Orbitkey Clip Orbitkey Ring Orbitkey Strap Nodus Wallet of Choice Ridge Wallet RULES: - Winners are chosen at random - Winners can only win once - Winners will be contacted through email - International entries allowed - YouTube is not a sponsor of this contest/giveaway DEADLINE: August 5, 2018 ---------------------------------------------------- EARN $10 FOR FREE THROUGH EBATES - http://bit.ly/2rizJ4q FREE AMAZON PRIME TRIAL - http://amzn.to/2dN96zc ---------------------------------------------------- GEAR LIST - http://bit.ly/2wphTQP ---------------------------------------------------- SUPPORT ME ON PATREON: http://bit.ly/2amNJPL ---------------------------------------------------- Website: http://www.excessorize.me Faceboook: https://www.facebook.com/excessorizeme Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/excessorizeme Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/excessorize.me ----------------------------------------------------


  • Omg I'm so excited!! And didnt even watch the video yet!

  • I don’t even care about the give away, tbh I just subbed yesterday after watching you catalyst iPhone X case video, and I saw how funny you are, (mainly just smacking the case a whole bunch, yeah that’s my humor) and I just find you a great and probably my most favorite YouTuber. Hope I win, but I’m just happy I found your channel

  • These are two great giveaways! Thanks for giving a chance to give back to your subscribers! ❤️0001f44f0001f3fc

  • I found your channel from a friend. And your videos are top notch! my favorite videos are when you are trying out cases! so happy that you made it too 100k even though I haven't been here that long I am still happy for your success!

  • I discovered your channel from Detroit Borg I think, he recommended your iPhone X wallet case and I’ve been a subscriber ever since. So great that you made 100k 0001f3890001f600

  • Yey! Another giveaway. Another chance. I won't give up joining giveaways because the fact that I don't have any money to buy one. So why not try and try until you succeed HAHAHAH.

  • i’m so happy your channel has been growing lately because you definitely deserve it!! i love your videos so much i definitely have used these to buy a bunch of cases!!

  • In all honesty

  • Love ur edits, hope to get that phone lol. (My 3 year old LG phone doesn’t register sim anymore). Anyways, thanks for giving a student hope. My fav vid of yours is the s9+ case review btw (when the front screen protector fell off) , its how I found your channel.

  • War 

    I discovered your channel when i watched unbox theraphy videos, and then i watched your video about rhinoshield case, bumper case for s8. I like how you throw the phone to test the case hahaha. I like your channel so much 0001f44d

  • Here since day one and trust me if u are not subscribed yet well than ur missing out 0001f602 From the first video to the last they have all been great and funny. Thanks

  • Super

  • Before I saw the whole video I was like, this better come with a new case whoever wins this lol. Ahhh, you never disappoint with the cases.

  • Damn Vince you really put a lot of thought into this giveaway. Really excited!

  • pleaaaaase!! i love your channel!!!!

  • first!!!!! please pick me!!!!

  • please pick me for the iphone x!!

  • I discovered your channel when i was finding a gift for father's day and i saw your edc video. You are just so funny and you smacking items randomly or throwing is not annoying at all. 0001f602 So yeah, i'm not commenting for the giveaway. I just appreciate your effort alot. Happy 100k!

  • This giveaway is wild! so much stuff

  • I might be a new subscriber, but you have dope content 0001f525