Amazing Crabs Shell Exchange | Life Story | BBC

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  • stupid bully crab I will find you and take you outta that shell and return it to the smaller one you little theif!!

  • Awh poor guy!

  • Queuing so good you think it was England

  • Even Hermit Crabs have "That Guy" among them

  • I first saw this in an episode of Wild Kratts when I was little.

  • Press

  • Winnie the Pooh is a great narrator.

  • Hermit crab sees

  • that last crab though damn..

  • omg this is so cute 0001f980 ❤️

  • Well. That was fascinating.

  • "My disappointment is immesureable, and my day is ruined."

  • i’m so amazed at how animals can communicate with each other without actually speaking it’s so intriguing.

  • And i thought they gonna kill each others for their shells

  • Damn nature you wholesome

  • yo.. lets trade!

  • When you've been blessed for so long with David Attenborough and the BBC Natural History Unit, it's virtually impossible to enjoy anything else as much. They get every little thing right.

  • Everybody feels bad for the crab with a hole in it's shell. But as for me? I am very amazed at how the hermit crabs form a line of biggest to smallest, As a civilized way of exchanging homes. Where else in the animal kingdom do you see that? Purely amazing!

  • "Some people call this junk, me I call it treasure."

  • That just tripped my nips