AMAZING Watermelon Party Trick! | DIY Food Hack

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  • Published on Jul 18, 2018

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  • Furious Pete

    My Watermelon Dreams have now come true!

  • Deja vu, I've seen this idea before

  • 12:00

  • What you've done at

  • I love watermelon 0001f349

  • Mark Rober

  • This video is dope

  • How many drugs you taking up at that cabin? Hope you’re ok Pete.

  • Who else was hoping that he would eat the watermelon furios style at the end ? ;D

  • After staring at the thumbnail for 20 minutes straight, high as hell, trying to figure out how you did that, finally, I gave up and clicked. 0001f9370001f3fb‍♂️0001f602

  • I expected you to finish that melon on a Furious Pete video.

  • I watch your vids with my 4yo he loves you.. He always says that he wants to be you, eat like you and now he wants a watermelon helmet too.. Your his brofessor Pete.

  • you are the best eater i have ever seen you should've beat a world record

  • You just made me go downstairs and cut some watermelon lol0001f602

  • Why did I watch the whole video?

  • There is actually alot of poison and shit on the green surface of the sponge...

  • 12:00

  • 11:10

  • it was going well until you went beast mode on the watermelon! damn Pete. LOOL