APH Hetalia - Russia - C'est la Vie

Sitene ekle


  • Where you find all these images? They're beautiful!

  • "C'est la vie" is a french sentence

  • Wow, now I'm so happy, that I study Russian :3 This song is really beautiful ^^

  • the song is so good..i need subtitles please ;-;

  • Thank you for your songs and thank you everybody for comments about russian language. I didn`t think our language is beautiful,but because of your comments I strart to appreciate it,so thank you!

  • Оооооо! Лепс! Я просто обожаю его голос)

  • Обожаю эту песню, арт просто шикарен!

  • Cool song

  • like the art

  • who sing this song??? do you have the lyrics ?????

  • hearts from denver

  • Celery!