APH Hetalia - Russia - Hooligan (subbed)

Sitene ekle


  • This song is so beautiful and I love that laugh! I just keep replaying this song over and over.

  • Но и тогда,

  • This mans voice is like chocolate for your ears. It's amazing, I could listen to him sing/talk all day! Deff off to check out the rest of his work. 

  • Such a lovely song~ The meaning behind it is interesting; and the singer's voice is so smooth and it's just..

  • that laugh really caught my attention :)

  • me encanta esta canción :D

  • have to smile at this :)

  • Who sings this awesome song/ poem?

  • This song is amazing! (I first heard it somewhere without the subs and fell in love and now I find it here!) and I would love it if you posted a lot more songs of this style/genre

  • Обожаю Сергея Есенина:)

  • Does anyone know where I can find lyrics for this song that aren't in cylliric?

  • love this song