APH Hetalia - Russia - Nightmares (ft. Belarus)

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  • Why no English subtitles :( I no speak Russian je ne parle pas russian

  • probably nothing serious . now for me this is my constant nightmare she's my constant nightmare 0001f6160001f6160001f62d0001f62d0001f62d0001f6350001f635

  • Non so perche, ma mi piace questa canzone....e non capisco cosa dicono, beh!!!

  • Que poca audiencia de la bella Belarusia, definitivamente es de mis personajes favoritos xD

  • Second

  • Ну и песня! О.о мне жутко стало!

  • And third

  • And fourth

  • What would Belarus have nightmares about anyway?

  • And fifth for the lols :)