ARE THESE $1 Electric Scooters GOOD or DANGEROUS?

Sitene ekle
  • Published on Aug 8, 2018

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  • ARE THESE $1 Electric Scooters GOOD or DANGEROUS? etiketleri


  • I just like how Casey never puts the big stars in the thumbnail 0001f602

  • My dude met Kevin Hart and acted like he was just some regular person 0001f602 much respect to Casey for not idolizing human beings

  • That black girl at

  • I could’ve

  • We definitely need a ‘Tesla Review Tuesday’0001f609

  • UBER missed an awesome opportunity to buy them out and brand them ScUBERs.

  • ”so many good snacks” mood

  • Casey is just dope man, the way he don't care about showing fame on TV sets in thumbnail, but about a scooter 0001f60e

  • Haha! Clever way to call 'em scooter dudes out x'D

  • Casey Nicesnack

  • Love that the Title is about a $1 scooter and not the Superstar Comedian! Humble as always Casey!

  • The Kevin Hart Type shows are the reason YouTube is going to crap.

  • Kevin Hart , Shawn Mendes... you are hanging out with Celebs Casey

  • So buying a scooter is cool too tho.... Keeping it out of peoples way will be the key to sure success for these companies. They need to build rigs that go in parking spots all over the city . Nest Spots. One in every parking lot? Would be cool.... Somewhere if you park it you get a monetary bonus/discount? Meh?

  • Casey you HAVE To do a video about the city hall in NYC putting a cap on Uber and Lyft

  • The fact that Casey went on a huge production with Kevin Hart and made the vlog about scooters.... makes him the greatest youtuber of all times.

  • Wtf why is Kevin Hart’s name not in the title?! Casey a true nonclickbaiter.0001f44c

  • Ahahaha that oh shit moment Casey had when they came in and he was shoving the snacks in his bag0001f602

  • Yay omg I’m so excited for this Shawn documentary if he’s hyping it up this much0001f60a

  • 1:09