Arturo Vidal 1st Training in Barcelona - ft. Messi, Suarez, Coutinho [06/08/2018]

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  • Published on Aug 6, 2018

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  • Arturo Vidal 1st Training in Barcelona - ft. Messi, Suarez, Coutinho [06/08/2018] etiketleri


  • Now , ramos will see this season 0001f6060001f601.

  • Vidal nescesita...A Messi y a este equipo para Ganar la Champions..y Messi y el Barca Necesitan A Vidal para Ganar la Champions nuevamente..0001f5250001f5340001f535

  • Vidal vs Ramos, can't wait to see el classico

  • Is it just me or does Barza have a BADASS team now boy!!!!! Every spot covered with the best or second best player of that position in the world?

  • A god (Messi) needs a demon like Vidal

  • Vidal is red

  • haber kien toka a messi con suarez y vidal

  • Arturo muere en el campo.así kiero yo los jugadores

  • The real team and more players coming back home yesterday night. Now the serials beginning .

  • The warrior Vidal is so happy,0001f6040001f60a

  • Come on Barcelona let's show who we are this season is our

  • Vidal EL guerrero

  • Vamos barsa con arturo vidal

  • Con vidal ahora van a ganar

  • yerri mina se tiene que quedar!

  • Vidal vs Casemiro..

  • Todos serán mis rivales

  • Ahhhh no le pasaron la pelota 0001f6060001f6060001f6060001f606

  • Haaaa que es alto mina

  • You know that when you get the blessed chance to play for the best team alone side the best of the best, you also your body and mind get a jump of dopamine in your body and " YOU " also naturally play your very best TOO !!!!! Man that's it ...... time to get a new Barza jersey.