Baseball Star Kris Bryant Gets Pranked by Hall of Famer Greg Maddux

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  • This brought a huge smile to my face

  • Haha "You still want my bat?" "No"

  • In his 50s, Maddux basically made a current all-star hit the ball wherever he wanted him to hit it..

  • Maddux never looked like a baseball player when he WAS a baseball player

  • "You still want my bat?" ... "Nah" - I nearly peed laughing. What a great prank.

  • why do i feel like i saw this like a year ago

  • "I even mentioned you!" Kris Bryant is such a great guy, and Maddux did great playing the part. This was great fun to watch!

  • "Try to hit it off the barrel, it'll sound really good." What a jab lol

  • Imagine they let Kris go home that day not knowing Maddux was the one pitching

  • That was dope... Even when Kris tried to take it more seriously, he still couldn't get the contact he wanted, but, he enjoyed the experience. True professionalism.

  • It's funny how Maddux looks like such a regular Joe. Like he drives a minivan and has 3 daughters. Weird to think of that guy as one of the best ever lol

  • I asked Greg Maddox to paint my house. But he only painted the corners 0001f60e

  • I see Greg is enjoying retirement and eating everything in sight.

  • Maddux has a sharp sense of humour

  • Maddux is 51 and not even using the proper technique...He's not even lifting his leg during the delivery and Bryant is still having trouble hitting it. Pure legend of the game! You young kids take notes on what "real" pitching is all about.

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    the best part..." you still want my bat?" .....no

  • Legend

  • "Try to hit it off the barrel it'll sound really good." Hilarious

  • I’ve been in the hospital for surgery recovery now, going on 4 days. This is the first time I laughed. My wife and kids wanted me to tell you that.

  • when he asked if he still wanted the bat I'm glad that Greg said no but he should have said, "Want me to sign a ball for you?" back to Bryant