BFA MELEE DPS RANKED - Best Single Target, Best AoE, Best Overall | WoW Battle for Azeroth

Sitene ekle
  • Published on Jul 30, 2018

  • Plenty of people asked for it, so here it is! BFA Melee Ranked - who can rock the single target, who can rock the AoE and who is just plain awesome? Let's find out! Twitter - https://twitter.com/SignsOfKelani Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/SignsOfKelani Discord - https://discord.gg/kelani
  • BFA MELEE DPS RANKED - Best Single Target, Best AoE, Best Overall | WoW Battle for Azeroth etiketleri


  • SignsOfKelani

    This ended up a bit longer than I anticipated, but fear not! I come bearing the gift of timestamps!!

  • Feral druids main selling point being that they can play something else?

  • I literally have every class never had a harder decision deciding

  • Ranking:

  • A bit of wisdom for you all... play what is fun. Don’t worry about what’s the best or the worst or flavor of the month.. play what you have the most fun with and go with it. I’ll never forget back in TBC when I dropped my shaman because they got nerfed and everyone was over them... biggest mistake ever deciding to main something else. Don’t decide to switch because of that. Play what you enjoy!

  • Just made a fury warrior and i love it

  • If you consider Surv Hunter to be a "half-melee" spec - then you should've probably said the same about Unholy DK, as they have an arguably better potential at that with on-demand mass spread of their disease (while Wildfire Bomb has a CD), Death Coil packing a decent punch and Clawing Shadows, which makes Scourge Strike a permanently ranged attack that scales great with Mastery. Surprisingly, they both utilize pets, but ghoul has aruguably better utility.

  • Survival hunter feels surprisingly pleasant to play. Considering I also like MM and BM, that makes hunter my main for BfA. Outlaw Rogue is also amazing, will be my first alt. And lock will be my second, since Ill vave enough mobility with the first 2 toons.

  • Mainly play Boomy but from time to time play Feral. Leveled my Sin Rogue and damage aside, Sin is so much more smooth, everything makes sense and its very fun to play. Hope Blizz give Feral some love in the first BFA patch.

  • I hate the way they moved feral back to the old trope of being a worse-assassin-rogue by shifting focus back to bleeds again, nerfing Brutal Slash, making Savage Roar the best dps-talent and Bloodtalons also being the best pick talent again. Feral is, imo, the worst designed melee spec right now because the key mechanics are so outdated. The feral community is so toxic and cancerous, completely allergic to any change to their clunky gameplay.

  • Arms Warrior is a blast love it

  • Survival is great. :)

  • I have a max level DK (only ever played Frost), Shaman (only ever played Enhancement), DH (only ever played Havoc) also my main is a Hunter but I never really played Survival and my highest alt is a Druid but only ever really tank with him. So I have 5 potential Melee specs to enjoy in BFA (not a fan of Unholy so not counting it). I'm working on getting my Warrior and Monk from 85-110 so possibly another 2 melee specs (not a fan of Arms so not counting it).

  • Rogue Rogue Rogue

  • First, survival hunter for me

  • WW monk for me...I just love it :)

  • DH might be a bit easy rotation but man do they move! I just love their mobility and for running around the world questing they will be no1 in fun with both double jump and wings!

  • Overall great video as per always, though I think it's kinda strange you'd call your tier 3 (2.1) Surv, Ret, Havoc boring when assass rogues, frost and fury have (as you even pointed out) an insanely routine and snooze inducing rotation that you can't even talent away from. Survival especially has probably the Most variation in talent builds of any Melee in the game right now, and are putting out some incredible numbers (including topping PVP charts at the moment). So I always enjoy your videos, but I've gotta say I'm not sure I agree with your rankings at all and think you may have not done all the homework on every spec.

  • Ferals numbers are super low at the moment