Bill Burr Goes on a Christmastime and Fast Food Rant

Sitene ekle


  • Ah gosh those fake coughed laughs is so cringeworthy I tell ya!

  • After watching Conan you can't go back... smh

  • God Conan is so much better than jimmy

  • jimmy was so awkward and uncomfortable when bill went on his rants off script, can't really blame Fallon cause it's obvious the only host that can really click with bills off the rail tendencies is conan

  • bill burr would be the best cellmate

  • Bill is too real for fallon

  • bill always outclasses these talk show hosts it's almost sad 0001f602

  • Bill belongs to conan

  • Jimmy gets to see how a real comedian delivers. Maybe it will rub off.

  • I know comedy is subjective but really don't get how people watch Fallon. He made a Bill Burr youtube video hard to watch...and I watch every Bill Burr video in existence

  • Watched like 15 videos of Bill on Conan and it was gold. Then I was forced to come to Jimmy and it's just not the same. He has no clue how to connect to Bill

  • Bill Burr's comedy is like Mike Tyson in 1987. He just kills and annihilates everywhere he goes

  • Man, If i ever get an angry neighbor. I want him to be bill burr.

  • I love Bill's no filter personality.

  • Bill needs his own show.

  • Bill Burr is great. Jimmy can't handle being off script so he chimes in with nothing but fake laughing and repeating Bill lol.

  • I prefer the Conan/Burr duo

  • The Tonight Show with Bill Burr sounds like a really good idea...

  • Fallon has the fakest laugh.

  • Jesus, I can't stand Fallon. Always repeating the last words his guests say because he doesn't have anything interesting to add.