Bill Burr Hates Boston Mascots & Campfire Songs - CONAN on TBS

Sitene ekle


  • Bill literally predicted a Trump victory here in 2012

  • Bill Burr is literally one of the funniest comedians who ever lived

  • Bill needs a weekly time slot.

  • bill burr one of the few guys that can make Conan genuinely laugh!

  • I love how Conan even laughs at the title of his special as he's trying to read it

  • 2012 Bill Burr: I gotta shave my head, and have a kid

  • I've been binge watching bill burr Conan episodes. I'm 15 segments in. Send hep

  • Every time I think of Predator I think of Bill Burr doing that impression. LOL.

  • see he predicted Donald trump right there

  • "You're all working for the same guy. They bet on both horses and it just kind of goes. It's not for you." Notice Conan's face turn grim at

  • his comment about the corporately sponsored politicians was painfully accurate

  • Lars, turn the switch

  • I think Bill is the best Conan guest...he delivers each time!

  • Bill is now having a kid and Trump won the presidency.

  • "You vote for the psycho because you know there is no corporate sponsorship behind him."

  • "Lars...turn the switch"...his brain is very quick you can tell he's a step ahead and always ready with some witty reference or comeback...comedic genius.

  • holy shit i lost it at the predators reference lol

  • Dat predator line was gold.

  • The facial expression he did about the guy reading from the Pentagon files had me laughing hard

  • So Bill Burr "predicted" Trump on 2012