BTS (방탄소년단) LOVE YOURSELF 轉 Tear 'Singularity' Comeback Trailer

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  • Published on May 6, 2018

  • BTS (방탄소년단) LOVE YOURSELF 轉 Tear 'Singularity' Comeback Trailer Credits: Director : YongSeok Choi (Lumpens) Assistant Director : Wonju Lee, MinJe Jeong, HyeJeong Park (Lumpens) Director of Photography : HyunWoo Nam(GDW) Gaffer : HyunSuk Song (Real Lighting) Art Director : JinSil Park Bona Kim (MU:E) Editor : HyeJeong Park BigHit Entertainment. All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws. Manufactured by BigHit Entertainment, Seoul, Korea. Connect with BTS: http://www.ibighit.com http://weibo.com/BTSbighit http://twitter.com/BTS_bighit http://twitter.com/BTS_twt https://www.facebook.com/ibighit/ http://www.facebook.com/bangtan.official http://instagram.com/BTS.bighitofficial
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  • The Most Handsome Face of 2017

  • Singularity deserves 100M views. Let's str**m it for Taehyung

  • Army can we get it to 100M before Tate’s birthday:yessss we can let’s do it0001f62d0001f62d0001f62d0001f62d0001f62d0001f62d0001f62d✊0001f3fb✊0001f3fb✊0001f3fb✊0001f3fb✊0001f3fb✊0001f3fb✊0001f3fb0001f49c0001f49c0001f49c0001f49c0001f49c0001f49c0001f49c0001f49c0001f49c0001f49c0001f49c

  • Who else is repeating the song ?

  • (trans)A story of a painter in his 60s who sold his art works to BTS V 0001f49cIt’s a touching story of how an American painter in his 60s sold his works to BTS V. The U.S. media, D magazine said that BTS recently visited a gallery in Dallas on 16th. In the interview with the painter Dominus, he said “It’s the first time my work has been displayed in a professional capacity after 30 years of passion for painting.” “I've probably sold 12 to 15 paintings, but I had never sold to a complete and total stranger. It has always been friends or friends of friends."Dominus got unexpected guests at his first art show."A group of strangers came to the gallery on a rainy Friday night" said Dominus.  "Seven young people came to see the paintings and the young man with pink hair bought two paintings," "I felt like they were famous people, but I didn't know who they really were."Dominus knew that the young men were BTS and the pink-haired young man who bought the paintings was V after they left. He said, "I am grateful that BTS, the world's famous artist bought the two pieces of my work,"

  • So hotttttttt who can I describe this in some words0001f62d0001f62d0001f62d0001f62dWe purple you taeeeee0001f49c0001f49c0001f49c0001f49c0001f49c0001f49c0001f49c0001f49c0001f49c0001f49c✊0001f3fb✊0001f3fb✊0001f3fb✊0001f3fb✊0001f3fb✊0001f3fb✊0001f3fb✊0001f3fb✊0001f3fb0001f49c0001f49c0001f49c0001f49c0001f49c0001f49c0001f49c0001f49c0001f49c0001f49c0001f49c0001f49c✊0001f3fb✊0001f3fb✊0001f3fb✊0001f3fb✊0001f3fb

  • We are doing pretty good keep it up even if we don't reach our goal wich is 100M but still let's do our best please don't stop str*****g this masterpiece this angel deserve the world fighting 0001f49c0001f49c0001f49c0001f4aa

  • Now i understand what is the lake!when u are depressed u feel like u r drowning into ur tears,and as time goes by winter comes (winter here also can mean that time when u r hopless and totally depressed )the lake that u r in it will freeze (after spending along time u become numb bcuz of depression).bcuz of fearing and not loving himself ,he has been acting like sb else so others will love him but thats is also the reason why he doesnt have a voice and the unfamiliar voice he hears is he talking but not what he really mean or want to say .so this voice belongs to nobody else but himself but because he has changed too much he cant even recognize his own voice anymore (wearing the mask also represents this change).when he says the sound of breaking thing wake me up from dream means sth deep inside him alarms him that he is not what he really is ,and the sound that is his own, is annoying him and doesnt let him to sleep and have sweet dreams(dreaming is away to connect to ur subconscious),so he tries to ignore this fact that he is acting like sb else(having unfamiliar voice) and this is not him but he cant cuz it is inside himself not out side that can not be not heard if he covers his own ears.even he says cover my mouth to not shout and scream his own words. he has drowned his trueself and thats why he is part of fake

  • god wasnt playing when he made this man

  • supporting my angel my idol my shining star as always keep it up everyone FIGHTING0001f49c0001f49c0001f49c0001f49c0001f49c

  • Hi guys. Doing this for his birthday.

  • Kim Taehyung , most handsome member of BTS for me

  • This Song is Perfect. The Lyrics the beat the meaning.

  • "Taehyung is too handsome even his own arm can't resist him"

  • Well ... I'm a fan of many kpop groups and I do not have a favorite member exactly, but Kim Taehyung is really the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. I've never seen such a beautiful person before, your videos (VFOCUS) are absurdly beautiful

  • Taehyung you're the best0001f49c

  • You deserve all the love Taehyung 0001f49c0001f49c0001f49c0001f49c0001f49c0001f49c

  • Every time when I listen, don't know what make me want to cry...!