Can You Melt Obsidian and Cast a Sword?

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  • Published on Aug 4, 2018

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  • Bruh just mix lava and water

  • U can cast obsidian but it wouldn't be a very good actor

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  • Fake, you can only break obsidian with a diamond pickaxe

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  • You haven't crafted enough iron daggers to unlock Glass Smithing. Go back to Adrienne Avenicci at Warmaiden's in Whiterun (Skyrim). It was there that I learned the key ingredient was malachite. Seriously, thumbs up for a good try.

  • "Is it possible to melt Obsidian?" Yes but I don't have the equipment to do it so I'll just smash it, mix it with a lot of other stuff that melts and incorporate it..."It's arguable to call this obsidian" It's just not.

  • because i like watching politics on youtube..... I was recommended "HOW TO CAST OBSIDIAN"

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  • leave your entries in the subreddit broos and ill watch your submissions in the next episode of LWIAY

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  • Sigh. I get it, fanboy Minecraft stuff, but to honestly test the premise of a game like that? Maybe if you wanted to test the more realistic weapons (the real world ones, not mini-nukes) in Fallout, or something. What you produced would not be called obsidian... More classically, it's called "slag", which was the leftovers from smelting metals. Some of it is very pretty. I found a large supply of it in western Massachusetts, where it was likely dumped after getting metal for the war effort in the Civil War.. It is very pretty, with obsidian-like blackness, and lots of green, too.

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  • Also am I the only one who thinks that melted obsidian looks like either barbecue sauce or really glowy

  • Bro....you and your cat are gonna get lung cancer. Please wear a mask and keep your cat out of your workshop.

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  • Obsidian is a natural volcanic glass that is a very thick fluid. High silicon lavas tend to be very explosive because of the viscosity associated with that type of lava. This type of lava chemistry tends to form rocks like rhyolite/granite. Typically, obsidian can flow only because it is a superheated lava that is 25-30% hotter than a typical basaltic lava (1300-1400 C. vs 1000-1100 C.). Even at that temperature, it doesn’t flow well. That higher temperature is probably much hotter than your kiln temperature. Low silicon lavas are more fluid and tend to be cooler in lava temperature range (like basalt on Hawaii). I suppose adding a flux would change the composition and therefore make it something more like manmade glass instead of true obsidian (why it flows easily). Still an interesting video. Thanks!! I’ve heard (but don’t know for sure) that some flint knappers bake stones like solid basalt to make them more brittle—enabling them to knap an edge onto rocks that are not obsidian.