Caravan Palace - Lone Digger

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  • This Zootopia 2 trailer has a good soundtrack

  • That's one thicc Gazelle ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Koo 

    Can't deny that's stripper's professionalism. Shits going down, keeps on dancing.

  • So, three cats walk into a bar?

  • Man Zootopia 2 got dark

  • Wait what about Donkey he was just having a mid life crisis

  • Plot twist: The stripper is deaf so she didn't hear the slaughter, so she was just left to believe that wet stuff coating her was made by some overly excited patrons while her eyes were closed.

  • Great song great animation but

  • No one threw not one dollar and there was blood on the floor but she kept goin. that was the real disrespect in the video.

  • DAMN!! that animation was GORGEOUS!!

  • Khajiit and argonians take on members of the companions.

  • I literally looked up “that one furry music video” and this was the first thing that showed.

  • September anyone? I cant get this song out of my head

  • Nobody is actually talking about the song.

  • don't remember this part from zootopia

  • the cats are wearing -

  • Lone Digger/Caravan palace(キャラバン パレス)

  • 2:17

  • "Where's Zootopia 2?"