Cardi B Showed Ellen How She Got Pregnant

Sitene ekle


  • "I'm a professional passenger." 0001f6020001f6020001f602

  • Who else’s watching this after niki and cardi fight 0001f602

  • Why I just feel that Ellen is not really into cardi B. I think she don't like her that much really , I may be wrong but I have feeling !

  • Ellen is not enjoying this interview.

  • Girl is beautiful and talented but damn she acts stupid as hell.

  • like if you’re watching before 1million

  • Ellen is not happy because she is friend with nicki 0001f6060001f606

  • Am I the only one who noticed that Ellen doesn't seem to like Cardi B? She even rolled her eyes at the end when she said "we're not that type of friendship Cardi *eyeroll*.

  • Baby's first words~

  • i don't know why but i really don't like cardi b.

  • That kid is going to be so loved and spoiled

  • This Cardi b is a bad women ...she tortured one makeup artist so badly omg....such an evil person she is

  • Her baby gone come out booty shaking

  • She really like to stick her tongue out0001f4450001f60d

  • I have never heard her talk before so all I could focus on was her voice . am I the only one

  • The queen has made it her way ayeeee cardi

  • I've heard five-year-olds have a more in-depth conversation than these two. This is just trashy

  • Who is watching you on 2018 give a like

  • why she dressed up like my period 0001f480

  • i notice she never says "thank you" for compliments... i wonder why