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  • Published on Jul 18, 2018

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  • CaseyNeistat

    i had dan sitting backwards on an electric bike that sam was driving with a canon 5D on a Ronin S --- everyone keeps asking how we got sucha stable shot

  • Casey, you should call those your 'Runday Funday' series.

  • What are your thoughts about sprinting versus long distance jogging?

  • Anyone else that looked for the 360 view of Casey in the intro?

  • How do you not get bored running for so long?

  • Yes Casey this should be a series! So, how do you breathe when you run? Serious question, asking for a friend.....

  • As runner, I loved it today.... Pls do the series

  • MAKE IT A SERIES!!!! How do you recover so quickly/how are you able to run 10 miles after running 10 miles the day before?

  • Can you get Tom Hanks in the series?

  • Casey - Awesome Vlog, Yes please make this into a series. I've ran 10 Marathons and no one ever told me not to stretch before starting until an Olympic athlete mentions it here. So it was very helpful + motivated me to go for a short run even though today is recovery day :)

  • Casey, have you ever done a Spartan Ultra Beast? It's probably the most insane physical and psychological experience you can willingly submit yourself to... 50 km with obstacles up the wazoo... The best race is at Killington, Vermont, in September. I've done (and finished) the race four times. I'm proposing we do this is a collab. If this comment gets 1000 likes and a "heart" from you, we do it. I did it with my best buddy on year - 11+ hours start to finish. What say you?

  • how to increase your endurance?

  • Great job doing Q+A while running. Clever idea for a series, plus you burn some calories and get all sorts of other health benefits. 0001f4aa0001f3fc0001f4af

  • Tim 

    Respect for the person that filmed this 3

  • Gonna start running...................tomorrow

  • plesae please make a series from this!!!

  • Question: How do you prevent/treat shin splints?

  • Great video! I love running and as you told, running is so pure and makes happy. I get my motivation from my Dalmatian who always joins me. I‘m a half marathon runner from Germany. With best regards, Stefan

  • SERIES!!! just got back into running and focusing on my health after being swamped with work and school. could use the motivation not take anymore breaks!