China's trillion dollar plan to dominate global trade

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  • Zac 

    as im watching this video, some chinese company is building a highway right behind my house

  • 2 ways to conquer a nation.

  • China is Actually Already Doing Business In The Caribbean. Jamaica Is Their Spot. U.S. Gotta Make Some Serious Moves

  • How to dominate the world without bullets

  • "China has signed agreements with authoritarian governments, militairy regimes and some of the most corrupt contries in the world" says the american

  • Another Sam Ellis video! Keep it up!

  • HA, and the US is worried about which kardashian is popular....

  • Global division of work:America bombed everything, Europe accepted refugees, China built everything.

  • Pak .China

  • This is why a forward thinking dictatorship is more capable then a forward thinking democracy. Democratic policies have a shelf life of about 4 years, two of those years has the party in power preparing for the next election. A dictatorship has the advantage of the leaders initiatives never really being challenged and long game initiatives thst can last decades can be realised. While I wholly belueve in the Democratic system it is greatly inefficient because it is being bogged down by the very thing that makes it great, one person, one vote, you have a voice and a right to be heard. There's is something to be said for a shared vision of the future even if thst vision is forced upon you.

  • I like the atlas series.

  • Vox being a hypocrite again. Funny how they accuse China of investing money in some countries that have dictatorships... America basically has been doing the same thing for years, in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan... Hell South America is filled with countries where the US did not only give aid, but helped topple democratically elected leaders and replace them with dictators (remember Iran, Chile)???

  • All those fools (mostly Americans) who are engaging in anti-Chinese propaganda should answer this? USA doesn't have to defend itself against any powerful enemy because it is surrounded by two weak nations and water creatures. Also I am not aware of any country which is planning to invade USA. Then why USA needs 650 billion dollars plus of defence budget? If US government wanted they also could have started something similar to BRI. If nobody is planning to invade USA then why US needs so much money for its so-called defence. Obviously to engage in wars in other countries. What else?

  • As a Chinese, I can prove that normal people I knew don't have any intention of controlling the world.

  • Ahh more American propaganda to discredit other countries. China is trying its best to bring its neighbors up to speed. What is America doing other than making it harder to trade, do high tech business, closing borders, and more?

  • Well China ain't sleeping.

  • Vox is an anti Chinese and Asia media, unsubscribed 0001f602

  • Y Z 

    United States of America bombs other countries almost every year, now declare trade war almost to the whole world why nobody regards it as a global threat? We Chinese don't start the war for over thirty years, we help the African developing the local infrastructure and develop our own economy, how come we become the global threat? Just because of the different political institution?

  • I wish china be next super power . My love for china from pakistan

  • China 0001f1e80001f1f3 Smart 0001f9e0