CLASSIC & 8.1 Lore: The Hype Is Real & The Azerite Comms Disaster: How Blizz Scored An Own Goal

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  • Published on Sep 29, 2018

  • Blizzard have announced that WoW Classic will be playable in a matter of weeks, Patch 8.1 has some really interesting lore, and we have to discuss the really poor response to the Azerite situation. Check out our new physical Patreon perks: http://www.patreon.com/bellular
  • CLASSIC & 8.1 Lore: The Hype Is Real & The Azerite Comms Disaster: How Blizz Scored An Own Goal etiketleri


  • Bellular...you were so aggressive. I admit, i'm somewhat turned on O.O

  • blizz has ego and are incredibly stubborn to admit when something is an absolute flop. they will always bob and weave away from questions and points of view that are hitting the nail on the head simply because they know they have been caught out and dont have a way to defend themselves without looking guilty. i knew azerite was gonna be a problem, but i didnt expect it to be this bad. its a shit idea anyway and nothing more then a poor excuse to continue the artifact weapons from legion. its plain and simply CRAP.

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    Imagine paying 50 bucks to be a demo tester for a 15 years old game.

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  • BFA just feels like a job; constant grinding, azerite power farming feels like having a second job, world quests are boring, gear is ass now, island expeditions are lam, warfronts are boring after you do them 2 or 3 times, catchup mechanics being implemented just a few weeks in to negate all the work you just did over the past month, leveling is designed to be all for speed and not for fun, just running around insta-killing everything and or pulling 50 mobs and killing them all by yourself feels bad. Old WoW was much better, everything was arguably more work, but at least that work felt meaningful and rewarding instead of just smashing through the content at mach 50 like some god crushing ants. Blizzard is going to kill their own game if they don't fix this shit soon. Already have no interest in BFA anymore, the whole game is a joke.

  • Classic put far less emphasis on consuming content and much more on investing in a character. Modern WoW is about consuming content like an old god consumes a planet's life force--but I could care less about my characters. There were days I would log on in "classic" and just hang out in Iron Forge for hours talking to friends and in general. Honestly the fact that content ENDS and you have a set end goal for my characters is SUPER appealing to me. Peace

  • Many thanks for really standing up and speaking the voice of community. We need to get this to Blizzard if we want a good azerite/armor system, because that IS the field that wow is currently failing the most.

  • I've gotten to iLvL 340+ on warfront welfare gear on two characters and now...I'm enjoying Legion content.

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    My current subscription will be my last for quite a while.. End game has never been so extremely boring.. Personally I would strongly recommend Blizzard to STOP with azerite/artifact power in ANY sort of way. Bring back set items.. Those were exciting. Remember the excitement you felt when you FINALLY completed your set? Been a while huh? Remove world quests, or don't make it your end game content. They are boring, and useless after hitting exalted with the factions of your choice. Which was rather quickly this expansion..

  • You think you want a gear system that is simple yet meaningful and rewarding but you dont.

  • Blizzard is slowly but steadily becoming the "Apple" of the gaming industry, where they only do what they believe is right not regarding what the consumer wants/needs. As a feral main since vanilla, i've unsubbed and just hope that 8.1 brings a breath of fresh air.

  • For me, if WoW went back to being a more story based game rather than a gear grind simulation I would be happy.

  • It's as simple as opening a way to move traits between pieces. Trait library like kanai's cube from d3 or simply an enchanting vellum type scroll that lets you move a good 340 ilvl trait to another 340 or 370 ilvl item etc. U still farm but u never take a step back while doing that.

  • It's nice to see youtubers speaking the truth about the way blizzard is acting. A lot of youtubers seem afraid that they will lose their cushy job of playing video games for a living if they speak the truth, which is a shame. I've actually seen some youtubers try to defend the way blizzard is acting, which is absolutely idiotic.

  • I generally dislike "complaint" videos, but Blizzard has really earned this one. You're 100% correct with your assessment. I, too, love this game and want it to succeed and grow. I hate seeing my friends leave because of poor design choices and a refusal to admit to them. The current state of azerite gear is atrocious. The traits are boring and getting it is boring. No one likes THIS much RNG. Let us set a goal and work towards that goal. As it stands currently, my only goal is to get one +10 mythic dungeon for the week and pray that the Tuesday chest doesn't give me the same shitty pants for the third week in a row. It just feels bad.

  • I'm already feeling burnout from this game. Stopped playing 3 days ago :/

  • The bigger a corporation grows, the farther it is disconnected from its customers. With such a subjective product (entertainment) it is hard to satisfy everyone, however, if the perceived vast majority of your customerbase is telling you that your product is broken, you should probably do something radically about it, even if it includes admitting the mistake. History has shown that the customers' trust can be regained, which should be even easier for a game developer as their customer base is very passionate about their product and is used to failed game systems implementations in the past.

  • They need to bring FULL sets back with 5 piece bonuses. That means waist and wrist as well. Getting my warlock gear in MC and BWL felt like it MEANT something. I wasn't just showered with gear every time I logged on.

  • I somehow wonder how this channel have "only"450k subs. The Content is pure quality and Bellular always seems to be really in touch with the community and really using his (to say it in his words) ability as a Megaphone of the community. Keep it up bro!