Couple Catches Neighbor in Attic: 'He Was Waiting for the Creep Show'

Sitene ekle


  • The old creep should consider himself lucky, some folks might have just shot his old ass.

  • Spell the word “attic” out loud and it allllllllllllllllll starts making sense.

  • creep: i'm not guilty

  • This video should be called: Couple Catches Worlds biggest Rat in attic.

  • He looks like that 90's UFO suicide cult leader.

  • Better check the attic with a black light. Some bleach and rubber gloves may be necessary.

  • I don't understand the need to risk yourself like this to get a peep show when there's porn of every imaginable variety online.

  • "He sees you when your sleeping he know when your awake"

  • How the hell you gonna plea not guilty for trespassing when you're caught on camera trespassing ?

  • i would of gone up there and beat his ass before i called the cops.

  • BIG ASS MILKS 0001f95b ❤️

  • Surprised that old fart could move around in that crawl space

  • The wife looks like a club penguin character.

  • Hes a perverted old man who likes to watch people sleep 0001f440

  • The neighbor was probably in the attic to see the couples have sex

  • I will be like.... It's kind of creepy how my shotgun just blasted into the ceiling like that.

  • 0001f631Creep!0001f621

  • I would have just introduced him to my .357 (I dare anyone to come in my house without being invited.) As far as the hole go. I thought i was termites so i thought if i squirted some liquid fire in them it would take care of them... Woops, you mean it was the pervert next door peeping thru them and hes blind now? Ah damn... GOOD!!!

  • he plead not guilty?

  • He tryna cop a look at them tig ol biddies