Cristiano Ronaldo Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

Sitene ekle


  • I'm surprised he needs footwear since he has so many golden boots

  • Americans still dont appreciate how big these soccer/football stars are. They get twice as much views and are 10 times richer than all these rappers. Ronaldo is the most followed person on IG btw

  • He's chill, humble, well-spoken... yet the media like to portray him as a wild, arrogant guy. You can tell he's extremely hardworking. I love the vibes he gives off

  • He’s worth over 400 million dollars and I don’t see any designer on him

  • Honestly, Cristiano is very humble. This video showed his true personality..

  • Is Cristiano even allowed to look at other brands lol

  • footballers > rappers

  • CR7 good English, portuguese, spanish and now Italian ... 0001f44d

  • Instead of asking Cristiano how he felt to meet Beckham, they should ask Beckham how it felt to meet Cristiano.

  • Cr7 bigger than all rappers in northamerica

  • Cristiano would've Spend $100k and get it back by the time he get outta the Store 0001f602

  • This is why Cristiano Ronaldo cannot be arrogant. He's amazing, I love him!

  • "My museum"

  • This man is so rich, i wouldn't be surprised if this was his closet

  • every time he mentions Nike he gets money hahaha

  • This guy ain't even allowed to think of other brands

  • My mans happy about hanging with American football stars and hes like 10x richer

  • Hes by far the wealthiest person they have ever had on the show

  • Richer then any rapper on this show before?!? ... Lol... He's wealthier them ALL OF THEM COMBINED BRO. Least European guesstimate... He's worth over$650 million

  • He does not even need anything, he just bought to be nice ..............but just the contract he has with Nike for the entire life worth a billion lolo