Croatia v England - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ - Match 62

Sitene ekle


  • Croatia vs france can't wait to see

  • Croatia 0001f1ed0001f1f7 go ahead and create a history!!

  • Congrats croatia love from pakistan

  • Croatia was absolutely magnificent... dominant, hungrier, stronger. Congratulations.

  • It would've been a tragedy if I wouldn't have had to hear the Croatian surnames in the final

  • This was just a series of heart attacks for me but man what a game!

  • Croatia Made the History, England played Superb But at the Second Goal Defense was not like a team, Best of Luck Croatia into the Final.✍0001f44d

  • -Yes It's coming home

  • Love from India ❤

  • Congrat's Croatia 0001f44d

  • This world Cup has been very exciting

  • xxx 

    England 0001f6010001f6010001f601

  • Today's the day Croatia makes history I can't wait all us slavics are so hyped ajde ❤️0001f1ed0001f1f7 Croatia

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Congratulation Croatia from France 0001f44f . 0001f1eb0001f1f7 vs 0001f1ed0001f1f7 good luck 0001f44d

  • I don’t think Belgium will leave empty handed so good luck England......

  • Im south korean. I strongly support Croatia as the winner of this World Cup. Let's go to Croatia !!

  • Congrats! Croatia Please, Show to the Earth 4,000,000 population's Miracle.

  • Hvala, Hrvatska! Glory to Ukraine!

  • Portugal with you Croatia, for sure 0001f4aa0001f44a