Croatia v England - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ - Match 62

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  • Its going home its going home england is going home hahaha

  • "Da mi je 100 000 Hrvata ,pokorio bih cijeli svijet" Napoleon Bonaparte......Ne prijatelju,treba ih samo 11 :=)

  • Croatia! Love from Russia.

  • Croatia Made the History, England played Superb But at the Second Goal Defense was not like a team, Best of Luck Croatia into the Final.✍0001f44d

  • Today's the day Croatia makes history I can't wait all us slavics are so hyped ajde ❤️0001f1ed0001f1f7 Croatia

  • Croatia, we are rooting for you! From Earth.

  • Croatia v France

  • Croatia, good luck in final.

  • 20 million supporters from Kenya ....congrats croatia.For me Croatia all the way

  • What the truly warriors!!! Love Croatia, from Vietnam

  • Congrats Croacia from South America, lets do history!!

  • I support Croatia national team.

  • Honestly I wanted Croatia to win. Small and so beautiful, that's what Croatia is. I hope next time they can make it. Greetings from an Albanian.

  • All Bulgarians are for Croatia!!!❤Go to glory balkan brothers!

  • One of the best world cups ive ever seen!!


  • Go Croatia! Go kick some French butt! Belgium stands behind you!

  • Neverjetni ste bili! Zdaj pa še samo Francoze!!!

  • Glory to Croatia!!

  • I think the whole world is now cheering for a small Croatia. Poland too. Play hard and beat France !!!