Danny MacAskill - "Way Back Home"

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  • one of the best sport films in history!!

  • This video changed my life. I'm back to feel the nostalgia.

  • So many feels from this... I remember watching this and becoming obsessed with the two songs! Then buying a bike... ;)

  • Still the best of all the videos Danny has put out. The music, the country and the tricks all combine for a knockout video. Strong emotions linked to the song choices.

  • The nostalgia from this video is immense.

  • 2018 anyone

  • Who else is back to watch this for the 10th time

  • anyone watching in 2017?0001f61c

  • I remember watching this as one of my very first videos on YouTube

  • there is NOBODY that can watch this without thinking that its amazing

  • this guy can use his bike like it's part of his body. and most people cant even do that stuff with their legs!

  • he rides like Rodney Mullen skated supreme perfection

  • This is six years old? It feels like it was 6 months ago it was new and I commented on it.

  • Who dislikes stuff like this????

  • Wax and Wire is one of my favorite songs ever. Scotland is beautiful

  • Danny McAskill...The best thing to come out of Scotland since the toaster!

  • Anyone who makes this look so simple is ridiculously skilled. From an ex-BMXer from many moons ago.

  • I love this video. This is one of the most fascinating clips I 've ever seen on YouTube. Thanks for your great job.

  • When you are this skilled anywhere is a good place to bike.