Deadpool, Meet Cable

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  • Why are the visual effects not done? It's a metal arm! It's not like we're trying to remove a mustache!" I love the stab at Justice League LOL

  • Zip it Thanos

  • Deadpool, meet

  • Looks really good...but isn't Cable supposed to be a big dude? Like 6'8", 350 pure muscle?

  • Two actors that are born for their roles. Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool . Hugh jackmon as the wolverine.


  • Wait?!?! "Fine I'll do it myself" thanos reference

  • Perfect Cable. Okay, like Deadpool said, he wasn’t quite like the comics in terms of height (lol), but man Brolin nailed it.

  • We got Deadpool II and Infinity War coming in the same month!What a time to be alive!!!!

  • 0:36

  • "It's a metal arm! It's not like we're trying to remove a moustache!!" Pure GOLD

  • I can't believe I lived long enough to see Cable come to life.;~;

  • Deadpool can defeat Thanos all alone

  • So this is what Thanos is doing after he wiped out half the universe, transform into a human and give him self a new name Cable

  • That edit out mustache refence tho 0001f602

  • Shots Fired, straight at Superman0001f602

  • I'll have to watch this in the theater and DVD, because I can't afford Cable...I'll show myself out

  • It would be funny when everyone at the cinemas will expect him to say the line

  • Zip it haters, Deadpool 2 on the way 0001f6020001f602

  • hello thanos , you double stranded Marvel guy