Dear NYPD, FIX THE PROBLEM instead of punishing Cyclists

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  • Published on May 6, 2018

  • NYC DOT - study on cycling in NYC http://www.nyc.gov/html/dot/downloads... MUSIC- Dank - https://soundcloud.com/dankcpt https://www.facebook.com/djcaviaroffi... Les Gordon - https://soundcloud.com/lesgordonmusic Kid Francescoli - http://smarturl.it/KidFrancescoliJulia
  • Dear NYPD, FIX THE PROBLEM instead of punishing Cyclists etiketleri


  • Only Casey will get me to watch an entire video on bicycle lanes in a city I don't live in

  • If Casey ran for mayor in NYC 0001f3070001f5fd he'll probably win.

  • Casey, counterintuitive equals massive money grabs for municipalities. It’s not an accident. Might ask him what date of the week you got your ticket? The cynic in me suspects it might’ve been towards the end of the month,where quotas for ticket issuance might have had to have been met.

  • I think a lot of bicycle infrastructure is designed by people who aren't cyclists....

  • Hey Casey, im from the Netherlands where as you know many people ride bikes. The problem with this intersection is that you have way to much speed coming down the bridge. With that you could hurt people on the zebra path. In holland they often resolve this problem with a simple zig zag in front of the zebra path.

  • “The police officer was such a gentleman”

  • This is exactly where and why I was ticketed 4 years ago. I wanted to go to court and argue insufficient signage and no logic in the planning and so sent in the ticket saying I wouldn't pay the fine and would instead go to court. I never received a court date and assumed it was thrown out. NOPE! 3 years alter I went to the DMV to get a motorcycle license and was prevented because I had an oustanding fine (!!!!) of $800!!! They told me they never received my response and the fine kept accruing!

  • Dude, those arrows do NOT show the direction of travel for the bike lane. They are YIELD arrows, telling cyclist coming from the right way that they have to yield for all other traffic (crossing cyclists and pedestrians) before going into the bridge. It's the same as for cars. They use the same signs so that people will find it more intuitive by default. There are two big red signs saying going straight is the wrong way. It is very clearly labeled. Do I agree that cycling lanes should be separated by direction in highly congested areas, yes. But on this particular matter, you're wrong.

  • I totally agree it is counter-intuitive and poorly designed. However, even in your video there are many pedestrians crossing right before the concrete opening. I feel your suggestion does not take into account the safety of foot traffic. Golden rule is Pedestrians before Cyclists before Automobiles. And even with pedestrians, there may be visually impaired people crossing the crosswalk. So while I TOTALLY understand your argument, maybe if you could suggest another solution where pedestrian safety is also addressed. Respectfully, your solution is not a fundamental solution at that venue. I post this comment as a person who got into the field of urban regeneration and tactical urbanism precisely because I was inspired by your very video of the NYC bike lanes problem. I am an activist advocating better urban design for pedestrians and cyclists/all other clean mobility methods alike.

  • I love the end when Casey keeps saying he's a law abiding man, but in ALL of his vlogs when he's on his boosted board he goes through red lights. Even as a pedestrian, jaywalking is against the law. I completely agree with Casey that this is very poorly designed and I would honestly do the same thing, but don't say you're law abiding when you so clearly aren't.

  • There is zero reason why that bench should be there. Noone sits there. That wall shouldn't be there. poor design.

  • That is actually a cross section for both cyclists and pedestrian. The cyclists going down the bridge might move so fast that might easily hit pedestrian that are crossing the road. However the cyclists going to the bridge will be relatively slower won't hit people that easily. That might be the reason that they only allow one direction in that cross section.

  • Talks the guy who constantly breaks traffic rules when using the boosted, putting him and others in danger

  • Cyclists are the problem.

  • The big confusion with this location is why bicyclist entering the bridge are allowed to cross the pedestrian cross walk and those exiting are not. The way I see it is, bicyclist exiting the bridge will be traveling at a higher rate of speed than bicyclist entering the bridge, so for safety reasons, they force bicyclist exiting the bridge to turn, thus essentially forcing them to stop. If they were to continue as you had suggested they would race toward pedestrians, resulting in serious collision. I agree that this intersection can be better designed, but I don't think that creating another opening in the wall is the answer.

  • Casey, this is exactly why I got out of the traffic division. Although it's rewarding to take DUI subjects off the street, I can still do that as a patrol officer and not have the headache of some jackass Sergeant asking me why I only had two tickets for the day. I couldn't write BS tickets. Two years was enough for me. I personally think we (police) have much bigger fish to fry than a bicycle ticket.

  • Coming from someone who does not stop at intersections when there is a red light or red sign. Your solution does not hold water, the main reason is so people who are walking do not get run over by cyclist going 30 mph. Keep doing what your doing, the tickets are great for the economy. I myself ride my bike with my family along the strands at California beaches and follow all rules, and we enjoy every minute we ride.

  • You say FIX THE PROBLEM....which is? Oh yeah cyclists ignoring the signs and not being able to do what they want

  • If a DOT sign is defaced in any way, the summons is invalid. The video clearly shows stickers and other distractions cause on the sign. It is an improperly displayed sign. Fight that summons. Don't pay it.

  • Long story short, Casey knowingly and willingly broke the law and is complaining about it.