Detroiters Are Waging Paintball Wars As A Way To Stop Gang Violence (HBO)

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  • imagine if they end up starting a pro team

  • One shot to the eye then its real guns.

  • I rather see paint balls flying then see bullets flying

  • Dindu's actually doing something right for a change, good on them

  • That looks fun

  • Theyre gonna paint the town red.

  • Detroit: Become Paintball

  • I died when he said "5 innocent people have been shot with paintballs. 3 of them being children."

  • What did the ice cream van do 0001f602

  • This is better than real guns

  • Spent money on a vest but nothing to protect the eyes....

  • do airsoft then it isn't messy and you still aren't killing each other

  • If GTA and Splatoon had a baby

  • Airsoft guns would be better in my opinion, yes they look real but most have orange tips and they do make paintball rifle that look like real firearms and have magazines instead of gravity fed hoppers and separate backpack mounted air tanks, and airsoft is less messy :)

  • OH NO, such horrors, the gangs are using non-lethal paintball guns instead of lethal handguns and ARs to shoot instead of deadly gang war shoot-outs. Holy Jesus how.. w--are you actually stupid? do you realise how much of a change this is

  • It's straight as long as they start wearing eye protection. One shot to the eye & then....

  • I want to chill with that dude in the Patriots hat

  • I love the paintball idea, it just really sucks that they'd appear to look like real weapons, I think the city should have their own rules about paintball guns- mainly enforced by citizens and police monitoring, rules like "wrap a red/neon/bright color" band/banner around the barrel of your paintball gun to make sure people know you're messing around, I think it'll make things much more safe if the paintball guns could be made more identifiable

  • "They hate us being young and black" .. That's so ignorant that it makes me cringe. You broken the law and think nothing going to happen? How about not shooting nothing at all?