Detroiters Are Waging Paintball Wars As A Way To Stop Gang Violence (HBO)

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  • I hope this catches on... This would be awesome. County wide paintball battles all day long. Hope it works out for the right reasons.

  • No paintballs were harmed in the making of this film.

  • The U.S and Russia should have a paintball war

  • It's all laughs and gags until some one brings a tank that shoots bowling balls at people.

  • ''This is still violence, This is just as bad''

  • imagine if they end up starting a pro team

  • J H 

    If I were the mayor of Detroit. I would find a good block of run down buildings or houses and turn it into a Paintball Battle Zone. Have team battles of Urban Warfare, Speed Ball and a free for all event. I find it to be a great idea these guys have going. Instead of discouraging it by negativity. Encourage it through helping them establish a paintball arena. A place everyone can go to dump some paint rounds and others for spectating. There is a lot of good that can come of this idea they have if directed in the right direction. Would recommend some face and eye protection though. Have had paintballs break the skin. Taking one to the face or the eye wouldn’t t be so cool being called “One Eyed Willy” after that.

  • Amazing, a paintball gun solved what the government couldn't 0001f602

  • Care wash company’s money going up this season0001f602

  • people need to understand, that these people have a mental issue and so much anger in them that why they kill

  • Theyre gonna paint the town red.

  • I suppose the city would rather continue to collect dead bodies.

  • Detroit's Unknown Paintball Grounds

  • Cop shoots black man!

  • Wish my neighborhood had this going on

  • WW3: Paintball Edition

  • Yo who tf was behind this fool at

  • The paintballers are not killers...Real killers are not turning in their guns for paintball guns...These people are just vandalizing...why are they shooting at an ice cream truck?