DIY Galaxy Slime - Man Vs. Pin - Pinterest Test #40

Sitene ekle


  • In a Galaxy Far Far Away.....

  • i laughed when the kid started crying

  • Ohh the old days

  • This was my first time ever watching threadbanger

  • Who else was D Y i N G at the part when the girl cries in the end

  • Ew tiny humans

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  • 3:57

  • He called it cornstarch not liquid starch a few times0001f602

  • For all wondering how many ppl in a nickel it would be 875 people

  • It was 847. 847 people commented this. Dedication, 1 minute and a genius brain is all it took

  • Wait... did rob change the thumbnail?!

  • you can do deep fried Oreos

  • I laughed when the little girl started crying. And then I replayed it a few times. I'm not ashamed.

  • poor kid ;(

  • Rob is hate it when pins say do this until it looks ready, like I DONT FREAKING KNOW WHEN ITS DONE! YOUR THE PIN, YOU TELL KE WHEN IT IS!!