DIY GLASS Potato Chips - Corinne Vs Pin #11

Sitene ekle


  • so this is like fresh potato starch water + potato starch.... bake that for 3 hours and you got chards. Great. Lemme just have those regular potato chips thaaanks :D

  • do a hot glue gun phone case with rob

  • do black chips

  • Do a glow in the dark cake

  • You should do a fricken red mayo to confuse rob 0001f602

  • "8 to 10 hours!? Oh hell no."

  • when you re-watch this Video and can't forget that nasty scene from “Don't Breathe“ D:

  • I would still serve the burnt ones

  • You should of added galaxy powder! GALAXY POWDERED GLASS POTATOE CHIPS??!!?!?!

  • Now I want potato chips soo badly. The crunching noise made me want to eat potato chips. : (

  • I'm eating Lays potato chips rn

  • Corrine: No ones watching right?

  • Who else saw a rippled toilet paper ad before the vid

  • Can you please do a Edible Christmas tree

  • let's leave glass potato chips to people who only take their water at 77.3 degrees.

  • what did they do with the rest of the potato stuff?

  • "Oh hell naw"

  • you look fine without makeup

  • Are they married?

  • dam you look good with no makeup