Drake - I'm Upset

Sitene ekle


  • Can we appreciate AJ Saudin(Connor)’s glo up 0001f60d0001f44f

  • Can't go 50 50 with no ho

  • if drake is upset am upset too

  • Go listen to Xavier White - How Deep for real R&B vibes 0001f339

  • I see him at Raptors games on TV

  • Drake literally went down memory lane with this music video

  • SMS triple x only time I ever shoot below the neck... triple x stands for xxxtentacion and he got shot kinda below the neck. Remember this was posted two days before x got shot. Conspiracy theory?

  • Had had to kill X because he says SMS Triple X and then he say Thats the only time I aim below the neck


  • I was smiling big like an idiot the entire time. My favorite cast. Des tew much. 0001f622

  • Sad Drake can't go 50/ 50 wit no ho; but, he can raw dog one and get her pregnant. Smh

  • #drakekilledX

  • It’s elenaaaaaaaaaaaa from tvd

  • No disrespect but the lines “Triple X That’s the only time I shoot below the neck sounds a little suspicious if ya ask me


  • Drake is the one who planed to kill xxtentacion 0001f62d0001f62d0001f62d0001f62d tell me what did. he do to you drake i hate ur songs i have been crying every singal day i hate u so much listen to the part triple x i shoot him below the neck . ur the reason i loved x's songs i hate u i hate u so much go die no one likes u now this is all i want to say now.0001f62d0001f62d0001f62d0001f62d like if u love xxtentacion respect him haters we dont like u go join the drake kills gang0001f6200001f6200001f620

  • All of yall who say drake got x killed. No, just no. This was made before his death. Sure they had beef but it wasnt that serious that they'd kill each other.

  • Who is watching before it reaches 100 million

  • Got a lot of blood and its cold, they keep trying to take me for my soul, thankful for the women that I know, can't go 50/50 with no hope.