Drake - I'm Upset

Sitene ekle


  • Graduated with my Bachelors and can't find a job..... I'M UPSET

  • When Drake can make an entire Degrassi reunion yet Netflix can't renew or cancel the next class

  • Selling replay buttons

  • To everyone who's seeing this :

  • He actually reunited Degrassi lmfaoooo I’m upset

  • bro, why are you dissing X at

  • Dont you think if Drake had ANYTHING to do with the shooting of X it would be out by now.

  • And they said Jimmy wouldn't walk anymore...GODS PLAN

  • Nina is SO beautiful

  • I'm upset for you to killed XXXTENTACION

  • Drake: Kiki do u love me??

  • The real reason behind why hes upset;

  • Sms=send my shooters triple x=Xxxtentacion .Drake killed x

  • He killed xxx because he said treple x that the only time i shoot be low the neck

  • “SMS Triple x only time I ever shoot below the neck. That’s the only shit that gets you some respect. “ is everyone so blind to understand that he’s talking about X?