Dynamo Magician Impossible Lifting 150kg with Doom Good Quality

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  • Published on Oct 20, 2011

  • Dynamo lifting 155kg!
  • Dynamo Magician Impossible Lifting 150kg with Doom Good Quality etiketleri


  • There are two solutions :

  • Dynamo sold his biceps to the devil and got some mad magic skillz

  • I too can lift up to 500kg but with fake weights.

  • If you bench this heavy the bar will bent slight downward, like an arch. This is fake weight.

  • This is all fake

  • Anyone that actually lifts will know that the dark dude is acting.

  • Obviously fake weights lmao.

  • That's impressive, 20kg bench press with helium plates.

  • i think it's something with magnets...

  • When you are dealing with Dynamo, there is no FAKE....

  • He had trouble with the fake weight lol

  • Merlin???

  • No it was real. But what you fools don't realise is that he was in a trance just before he sat down, he didn't even reply to 'are you ready' simply coz he wasn't himself anymore. He's been using a Jinn for most of his "fantastic" magic.

  • Fake weights. Brad castleberry is the pioneer of this. Lol.

  • it's black magic the demons r helpin him

  • The weights already on there were hollow. The ones he added were real, the black guy was in on it and pretended his 1st lift was difficult. This is so obvious 0001f610

  • Oscar worthy performance by that black dude!


  • why he is not going to olympics and get gold medls

  • dis is not magic !!! dis guy is sumthing else.. he has awakened sum powers i guess... or sold his soul to d devil