Ed Sheeran - Photograph (Official Music Video)

Sitene ekle


  • Its like his parents knew..

  • 2018 October?

  • who still watching in oct '2018 , show your thumb ??

  • Bry 

    This broke me.

  • 0% nudity

  • Love u ED

  • Once I was in "Barcelona", there I met a "Galway Girl". I silently clicked her "Photograph". Her name was "Nancy Mulligan" and we stayed outside a "castle on the hill". I bought her "supermarket flowers" and said I love the "shape of you" she smiled and said to me on that beautiful night , Let's "dive" into the clear blue sea. I was" happier" than ever before, and thought that "hearts don't break around here". But "what do I know"? Next day I saw her with a "New man". I ran over to her and asked "How would you feel" if I did this to you, she said I had to "save myself" before I fell for you. I was sad, but I knew "Bibia Be Ye Ye (everything will be alright)" , at least it was a "Perfect" night.

  • Loving can hurt

  • This video caught me off guard, ~sniffles~

  • Cadê o Brasil nessa bagaça

  • 0% nudity

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  • ​For the dislikers... That is not a download button

  • His songs make me feel so much emotions at once...

  • I always cry when I here this song

  • I always cry when I see this music video.0001f6260001f62d0001f62d