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  • Do “every

  • It’s trending now.. that’s so mainstream

  • Urban Outfitters are for people who shop at thrift stores to save money but still shop at urban outfitters

  • I've never been in this store! I don't even know if Alabama has one! hahaha

  • You guys should do a every hot topic ever

  • I'd like a job here. "Do you have tattoos?" No. "Get the h*ll out"

  • This channel is a joke now.

  • LMAO THE TRUTH0001f6020001f602

  • When you run out of ideas


    hello you've found me on the comment section! i just hope you're having a good day. anyways, you may continue scrolling down the comments. 0001f607

  • "Man I sure love my $3000 outfit"

  • Every smosh running out of ideas ever

  • These are getting harder to watch...

  • wait but honestly where is olivia's gray sweatshirt from i seriously need it

  • Typical video making fun of hipsters when these people are the exact same way lol

  • Every thot ever

  • Did a DIY Urban Outfitters Hanging Shelves Video on my channel0001f602 because the real things were too expensive lol

  • 2:18

  • didn't this channel die years ago?

  • Every