Faith In Humanity Restored 2015/2016

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  • Honorable mention to the guy who bolted those air con units to the wall in that last clip. Damn fine work, very secure.

  • I didn't know i was such a cry baby who knew !

  • Last year i saved a abandoned kitten for about a month soon some guy going 40 miles per killed the cat btw the speed limit was 25 :1 Like equals a prayer for a baby kitten in need :

  • I had a two baby birds, I found them in my backyard. They were too young to fly and their mother abandoned them. I fed them everyday but unfortunately both died 0001f62d now all I have is their memories. That sweet chirping sound they used to make when I would feed them still makes sad. I hope they are doing fine in some other form of life.

  • I'm glad to see this video is doing quite well.

  • I was smiling through the video cuz there is some great ppl in it...but at

  • Who ever the hell gave this a thumbs down, how dare you. There is not many people like that in this world. Show some damn respect.

  • I need to cry by the kitten and by the motorbike driver who carries the old man about the street so humanity

  • 403 dislike individuals need to go through a life and death experience so they can realize how precious and valuable life really is.

  • the firefighter and the kitten one always gets me.... no life is too smal

  • Sorry for asking but what actually happened in the soccer one?

  • to those who disliked it you are not humans at all

  • I have no words other than I respect ppl who take just a few seconds of their time and help another person or an animal. Those type of ppl are true heros and I hope they won't stop helping others in the time of need 0001f6030001f6030001f6030001f6030001f6030001f6030001f603

  • I'll stop crying when you stop crying

  • The Kitten got me ...

  • I see only quality videos with quality people

  • 0001f4080001f408 The firefighter

  • treat people like you want to be treated!! :)

  • all hero's in this video is legend