Faith In Humanity Restored 2015/2016

Sitene ekle


  • Honorable mention to the guy who bolted those air con units to the wall in that last clip. Damn fine work, very secure.

  • I'm glad to see this video is doing quite well.

  • the firefighter and the kitten one always gets me.... no life is too smal

  • 5 Minutes to think about yourself.

  • The Kitten got me ...

  • If they stop their car, waiting for an old lady/man to walk across and keeps Cursing in their cars and such, its not gonna do any diference, they will still have to wait. There is no harm in helping people. but there is in Not helping them.#HelpPeopleInNeed

  • If you can't find a good person, be a good person. Peace and love my brothers and sisters.

  • I have attempted suicide multiple times and seeing these, I realize that people DO care. Thank you for this compilation.

  • I work at a grocery store, I once helped an old woman in a wheelchair who couldn't reach the mushrooms she wanted, and another time a one-armed man was having trouble with his bags. Not exactly life saving but still

  • That police man at :30 is a true legend

  • Damn, is this hard to do ? why people chose violence instead of simple acts like this !

  • No need to apologize, these are all high quality videos. And high quality people!

  • the world need more people like these persons 0001f62d0001f622

  • I think it´s very good, that you included the Clips of People just doing Little Things. You don´t Need to be strong and brave to be a hero. All you Need is a heart.

  • Good actions give strength to ourselves and inspire good actions in others.

  • just think about this you see people around this world struggles to do something just help them because we need to bring back faith in this world of humanity so pls do what can you do to protect people and help them

  • Not all hero's wear a cape and a mask.

  • These people in the video r going to heaven

  • the fire fighter i cried

  • That little kitty got me the most0001f62d