FC Barcelona ● 30 Goals Impossible to Forget [ & Repeat ] ||HD||

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  • Messi Magic™

    This is only my 2nd Barca video, how is the quality?

  • How many times did you just repeat and repeat Romario's goal?

  • I hope barca destroy chelsea...

  • I'm so glad that the world best football player is in my times...

  • I'm a madrid fan myself...but I'll admit Messi's solo-run goals are second to no one....he's at a different level when it comes to dribbling past players....0001f64f0001f64f

  • Lol 70-80% of it were Messi goals. Could of put some Suarez goals or etoo in it instead of so many Messi goals.

  • I will really Miss Andres inista

  • Let's hope Barcelona can "Messicre" Chelsea in the UCL.

  • Rivaldo's Bicycle kick is awesome, so perfect!

  • Liking this Messi Magic, you could really branch and expand with this but please don't make it a Barcelona vs Madrid/ Messi vs Ronaldo channel, I just like watching good football and that's what Messi and Barcelona excel at, but that's just one mans opinion.

  • Don't you hate it when people ask for likes

  • The fact that CR7 has 5 balon d'Oro just drives me craZY. lets see him score only 10% of what Leo does. FIFA please stop comparing numbers, and start comparing talent and entertainment.

  • 45% of the video is Ronaldinho and 45% is Messi but 100% of the passes are Xavi and Iniesta lmao

  • I know your channel is mainly based on Messi, but c'mon man, you gotta see the whole panorama.

  • I dont know if its just me but masche's only goal for barca is one that i will remember forever ❤0001f5340001f5350001f5340001f535

  • I'm waiting for a barça masterclass against Chelsea on Tuesday and Messi to score this time0001f5350001f44c0001f3fb

  • “Barcelona is good and will always stay good”- Clorox Bleach