FEATURES NOT IN VANILLA - Will You Still Play Classic Servers?

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  • Published on Nov 18, 2017

  • There are a lot of features which have been added since vanilla World of Warcraft was a thing, many of which provide quality of life benefits. So if the servers go live with none of these features in tow, will you still play classic wow servers? Discord - https://discord.gg/kelani Twitter - https://twitter.com/SignsOfKelani Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/SignsOfKelani
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  • SignsOfKelani

    I'm pretty sure I'd just want vanilla as it was back in the day. Even if these features bring quality of life to the game, vanilla wasn't really about quality of life. It was about an immersive experience, so at the end of the day I hope they keep things as vanilla as possible. I do wonder how many players will start up on a classic server under the wrong impressions and quit soon after - the grind isn't for everyone, after all!

  • these features not in game is exactly why i WANT to play classic

  • LFG destroyed a large part of the social experience on servers so good riddance

  • Features killed WoW. Before, WoW was a very social game. You had to actually rely on people, instead on features.

  • Vanilla has always been pretty overrated. TBC and WOTLK were always leagues better than it was

  • Another thing people forget was accountability... if you were a troll, ninja looter, or group dropper, the character you did these things with would NEVER get invited to groups. Word spread extremely fast about these cancerous characters and a character known to be one of these things was basically worthless for grouping.

  • I'll play BECAUSE there won't be these features.

  • I hate legion features so yes

  • I enjoyed Vanilla because it was what was available at the time, not because it was harder than it is now. It was a great experience to see the new stories (like the Qiraj mess) but I dont know that I would want to go back. I mean, hey if people want to go back and live out the old days- live and let live and more power to them. Enjoy what makes you happy...but there's some things Im very happy not to have to deal with anymore, like a whole night wasted because one guy is AFK at his keyboard or another drops out halfway through the dungeon.

  • I REALLY miss the dead zone, it was such a nice idea as it ment you had a weakness in pvp people could exploit. Though then again in vanilla not every melee had 500 closers on 2 second CD

  • #NoChanges

  • Current wow is too easy. Back in my day we had to walk to orgrimmar in 10 feet of snow, uphill, both ways, and we were GRATEFUL! When you lvled people would congratulate you because it was an accomplishment! I tried to play WOW recently and found it to be so dumbed down and casual that I deleted it. Thankfully I found out that people were running private servers where you can play the older BETTER versions for free and I have been having a blast! (from the past)

  • Only thing I didn´t like in vanilla was the non-linked AH:s. Otherwise , bring it all back. Took me more than three months 1-60 with my first char, but it was worth every second. Had so much fun, met new friends, got ganked, ganked back and so on. I really miss those days.

  • Nah I'm not going to play Vanilla not because of the features it's missing but because...I've played it and no amount of playing it again will recapture what I felt the first time i played it because....well you just can't truly go home again once you've left. I think some people, not all, but some are wanting to play Classic because they hope to recapture that feeling they had back then and it's just not possible because once you've done something for the first time you can never recapture that first time feeling.

  • I want the game like it was in 2004, with its pros and cons. Not with Dungeon Finder and crap like that.

  • No, I will not miss LFR.

  • remember dieing and corps running for 30 min to get back to your corps :P

  • Vanilla WoW back during original launch in late 2004 was still an easy-to-play MMORPG by comparison if you were coming from any of the MMORPG's that preceded it, like Dark Age of Camelot, Everquest, etc. I had a lot of fun back in the day during those first 5 years of WoW (Vanilla, BC & WotLK), but I remember my time in Dark Age of Camelot (DAoC) most fondly (2001-2005, on both original RvR Iseult & PvE Co-op Gaheris servers). Those were the days! MMORPG's today have toxic communities & way too much hand-holding. Vanguard: Saga of Heroes was the last MMORPG that was fun/dangerous to level up in out in the open world (as solo or duo with friend).

  • Keep it the exact same but have graphics upgrade but on a toggle only kinda like what they did with Starcraft remastered.

  • Personally, I'd be happy if WoW Classic was brought back exactly how it was..