Film Theory: Disney Moana's SECRET Identity REVEALED! (Moana)

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  • Start: Making a joke about the pig being Moana's brother

  • I like how all of this rounded back to the pig being her brother.

  • What about the time difference between Moana’s age and Maui’s thousand year exile?

  • watching the part in the movie where Dwayne starts singing your welcome

  • HeiHei is one of Moanas ancestors reincarnated into an animal. I have proof, but LET ME WATCH THE THEORY FIRST GOSH DANG IT

  • My name means World and I ate poison and I'm somehow still alive.

  • Shes not dead cuz she has the heart. It protects u and keeps u safe if u wear it, thats why the grandma was healthy when she was wearing it, but when she gave it to moana she got weak, she would have died already but the heart keeps u safe if u have it

  • Moana is a demigod, daughter of Posiedon. WHERE ARE MY PERCY JACKSON FANS AT?\

  • I know this was posted a year ago but you missed something. Every time the water obeys Moana the necklace and the heart were there. Moana's grandmother, Tala, was there when she was a baby and she had the necklace that encased the heart. So after Moana and her father, Tui, left the beach Tala grabbed the heart and put it in her necklacnecklace. Then again after Moana was older Tala was there telling her how the ocean chose Moana but it also chose Tui and Tala. See Tala was always drawn to the sea but when she failed the duty was past on to Tui to restore the heart, but again he failed. And now it's Moana's turn. But Tala and Tui never had the water help them. The water only helped or obeyed in the presents of the necklace or the heart, no telling which one it is, it's most likely the heart that controls the water. Tala did have the necklace but the water had the heart. The confusing part is that the heart came to her but we don't know if it went to Tala and Tui when they were babies.

  • If she's the offspring of a mortal and a demigod.... Shouldn't she be a demi-demigod?

  • Maybe the pig was born human but something happened that turned him into a pig. Such as moana's "father" maybe does have some sort of powers and got mad at moana's mom but kua or whatever his name is stepped in front of her before some sort of spell or whatever hit her. And the"father" would have been mad when he found out that Moana was not his child and his wife cheated. However they would not be able to separate because they have a high place in their society so they wouldnt Wang to cause all of that drama in their name. And if any of the villagers knew of their son somehow they maybe erased those memories from their minds. However Moana was never erased of those memories but knows that he is her brother but knows she cant say anything about and that is why she is so attached to him. She feels she has to protect him because he protected their mother. Just a theory lol

  • The dead theory isn’t completely impossible. She could have died in the water and then the rest is what she wished she would have done if she had lived.

  • I just think that the genes of god power skipped Moana's dad and went to Moana instead and that control/friendship with/over the sea is an extended gift from her grandmother Tala; I also think that maybe as a kid her demi-god powers were active and that maybe they became dormant after a little while and then when she attempted her first trip off the island she was on the verge of dying and her dormant powers kicked in and became active again and she came back as a full-on demi-god, but more realized than before.

  • MatPat, do a theory on Coraline

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    I'm not sure I am still alive or just got my mind blown and died

  • Huh alot of dark stuff mhhhh oh i know something dark! Your roll in the fnaf song :D "oh i go by many names matpat phone guy" is one wierdo with a suit "yes that ones my fav" ;)

  • #demigods

  • She didn't die because the ocean is her friend and thus she can survive hitting the water at such a great hight