Film Theory: Disney Moana's SECRET Identity REVEALED! (Moana)

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  • This seems like something gajin goomba would do, but anyway: good job on making a Disney movie more interesting than it already is.

  • Best film theory EVER!!!

  • I keep forgetting this came out in 2017. Dang

  • "Who wouldnt save a cute baby turtle?"

  • This whole video, my mind kept going to Percy Jackson...just me? ok.

  • It’s very scary about your videos that these all make so much sense

  • Hi random person scrolling through the comments

  • My theory was that Moana’s grandmother was on old demi god the blood passed down to her son but not the talent that ended up passing down to moahna and her love for the sea Charms the sea goddess who gives a bit of extension gifts to her talent

  • my brain hurts.

  • WTF you actually did the pig brother theory. That setup was perfect. Like, I wasn't at all expecting that off hand comment to come back in the end. And when it did, I died.

  • Tala, like you said, comes from Tagalog mythology, but Tagalog comes from the Philippines, and tagalog is also a Filipino language. I'm not trying to disprove the theory, I'm just giving you more information, but then again there are also Scientific theories that Polynesian explorers sailed to the Philippines and their descendants are what's known as the current residents of the Phillipines/the Filipinos, so yeah.

  • Is it weird that i ship Moana and Maui?

  • Wow, well said Pat!

  • 9:10

  • If she's the offspring of a mortal and a demigod.... Shouldn't she be a demi-demigod?


  • I thought she was dead after diving in the water after that fall as well and I could not get that off my mind 0001f602

  • You know how was chucked into the ocean and became a demigod what if when Moana tryed go beyond the red and stuck in the coral the sea spat her out only she came back as a demigod