Film Theory: Disney Moana's SECRET Identity REVEALED! (Moana)

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  • Published on Apr 11, 2017

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  • My theory: Moana can’t die because she’s the main character

  • Man those Maui and Moana shippers must feel really gross now0001f602

  • Um... so if Maui is Moana’s father, does this mean Sina was pregnant for 1,000 years? Ouch, poor woman.

  • So basically you

  • MatPat, do a theory on Coraline

  • Tui: My beautiful daughter is born! I must protect her from the dangers of the ocean so she doesn't get killed. What should I name her?

  • Theory the odd1sout is matpat

  • The John Cena part killed me 0001f6020001f6020001f6020001f6020001f6020001f602

  • How is Moana Maui’s daughter if he was stuck on the island for 1,000 years

  • If she's the offspring of a mortal and a demigod.... Shouldn't she be a demi-demigod?

  • In Polynesian legends, Moana is actually a god 0001f923

  • She’s a water bender

  • did anyone else pause and die laughing and crying at young dwayne

  • Moana is the sea god. I saw in this one book called "Call It Courage" where there is this boy with his dog (i read it like 3 years ago) and he gets lost at sea or something and he keeps saying "MOANA THE SEA GOD"

  • It’s very scary about your videos that these all make so much sense

  • Beginning- now you guys are thinking that the pig is Moana’s brother

  • People who shipped Moana and Maui are gonna regret the fanart there is

  • Why would moana's father name her moana which means "ocean", when he won't even let her go near there?

  • Maui doesn’t have nipples