Forknite : Infinity War

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  • Published on May 13, 2018

  • This is my last overwatch video.
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  • JP 

    I can't believe they made a movie based on this Fortnite character.

  • -watches this video.

  • The dog thing killed me so much 0001f602 0001f602 0001f602

  • the thanos gun

  • "Wow Brah, you're playin like Jake Paul."

  • I cant believe Dunkey was Jake Paul the whole time

  • -Anybody got a mic?

  • Just for the record internet, I really wish people were like Dunkey more when it comes to kids on the internet

  • "What show you be watchin'? You be watchin' Donald Duck?"Sickest burn of all time.

  • This shows the key to all competitive shooter games: play during the day, cause all the kids are on. NEVER play competitive after 10, cause all the neck beards get on then

  • "Aw crap" - Rocketmaster 2018

  • That whispered "He's a fake!" kills me every time.

  • Dunkey + children = amazing

  • The alligator kid was somehow the most mature kid in the whole video

  • What's funny is the kids are doing to Dunkey what Dunkey does to his friends lmao

  • What do you call playing Fortnite during the day?

  • "It's the Thanos gun from Spider-Man."

  • Are you good at Fortnite?

  • I don't like Jake Paul because he is black.

  • Hearing him interact with children was unexpectedly cute.