Free video intro effects for editing stock footage royalty free video

Sitene ekle


  • Hey s amd Where can I get an intro video for youtube? I don't want to break any rules or use any intro video unless it is copyright free and royalty free. Thanks

  • This is great I will use it as my intro.


  • bro I am use this video in my channel

  • No download link.

  • Nice! Can I use this for a Youtube intro?

  • dear s amd I would like to use this for an intro to my web channel. I understand it says free royalty I just would like to be safe than sorry. is this ok with you?

  • Nice brother

  • Could someone go on my channel and tell me how the little Intro from me looks like? I like it but i dont know what others think about it. Would be very happy if someone could help me out :)

  • Can i use this as my main official intro please

  • may I use this is my video?

  • Awesome Sir.

  • bro I am use this video in my channel, thank you so much :)

  • Can anyone please make me an intro for my YouTube vedio please

  • I need please!! ?? Is free no copyright!?

  • Fantastic! Terrific!

  • e Sir.

  • Can I use this for an intro on my facebook video? Is their copyright infringement?

  • May I use only few last secs of sound (No video included) for non profit videos I'm working on in the future? Of course I'll credit you, this video and your youtube channel