Friesian Horse Grooming Techniques - Wash and Dry

Sitene ekle
  • Published on Apr 9, 2010

  • Watch the grooms at Iron Spring Farm wash and dry the amazing mane, tail and feathers of Teade, a Friesian stallion
  • Friesian Horse Grooming Techniques - Wash and Dry etiketleri


  • When a horse has better hair than you 0001f602

  • Oh, to own a Friesian... Pretty much all my life goals would be complete.

  • try getting a white horse white. and keeping it clean

  • I have never seen as much dedication and commitment as this the stallion was happy to be washed and dried and the groom was very through and careful

  • Mane and tail conditioner? I thought they would use something more… fancy. XD

  • is this creature even real? fresians are my favorite

  • This reminds me of when i do my hair lol.

  • I love how they said use a low sudsing shampoo but there using a shampoo that foams a hell of a lot lololol

  • I use mane and tail shampoo too ! But on my head XD

  • 6 years later?.... where are the other followup videos you promised?

  • "we'll show you

  • Well im glad the friesians ar still alife i cant imagine a life without them

  • beautiful stallon

  • I love friesians my dream is to have one!!

  • Beautiful horse!!!!!!!0001f618

  • this stallion is very very beautifull

  • So..that took like 2 hours plus to wash and dry .

  • I have 12 Friesians. This really helps!

  • Beautiful and highly informative video. Great care is put into these horses I can tell.