Hilarious Dads Took Their Jokes To Another Level

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  • Published on Mar 31, 2018

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  • I love my dad!!! he's the best!!! and this video is awesome!!! these dads are the greatest!!!;p

  • Great video guys. I don't know where you guys get all of these from but they are hilarious.

  • My dad said "no boyfriends until you're 16, you'll get a 100 bucks if you make it." but he said nothing about girlfriends.

  • Dad jokes are the best! If there was one caption for my entire childhood, it would be “Daaaaaaaaad!! That’s not funny!” It was always funny. I hated it. Lol.

  • My dad is literally like a 5 yrs small kid trapped in a 45 yrs old man0001f602

  • Never Forget Nokia

  • i wish i had a dad :(

  • It's the parents job to embarrass the child. It's the child's job to drive the parents crazy.

  • You got to love him cuz when you lose him you're gonna miss him, trust me I know.

  • My dad would constantly joke about how he would test my and my sister's boyfriends (if we ever got one), by shooting after them and seeing if they're faster than the bullet.

  • Our dads are always the best man in our lives because, no matter how imperfect we are, they are the last persons who will ever hurt us. We should be grateful for having our father because they don't think of theirselves first but for the welfare of their family.

  • U know what's more funny? This channel has fake subscribers 0001f602

  • 2:25

  • I rlly miss my dad, he passed away last year, he’s the best dad ever 0001f622

  • 8:23

  • To be fair, that is a good snowball

  • I wish I had a normal dad like them

  • You have to love it, my kids hate me when I do something like that (specially my teenager )0001f60e