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  • Published on Jul 2, 2018

  • it wasn't such a huge deal. i just don't like uncertainty with my health.. makes me feel out of control and a scared. Big thanks to Candice's dad for dragging me to the hospital. no way i would have gone otherwise and if i hadnt it would have been much more serious. and Thank you Candice for calling me a baby. i was indeed being a baby. AMAZING MUSIC; Lighthouse - https://soundcloud.com/thisislighthouse Melvv - https://soundcloud.com/itsmelvv
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  • Only Casey can make a night in the hospital look like a hotel stay

  • Health is one of those blessings that we people tend to take it for granted. Glad you are OK Casey.

  • I've stayed at that very hospital. They're excellent. If there is ANY hospital you want to be stuck at for 21 hours, you picked the right one, my friend.

  • I was at vidcon and guess what no one cared that you were slightly late, everyone was amazed that you made it at all. You're a champion. And didn't you run a bunch of miles between your two panels? An icon.

  • Looked like a definite scare. Good that your father-in-law is so on top of things. On a side note, I’ve never seen a private hospital room as nice as yours. 0001f4aa0001f3fc0001f4af

  • Only Casey makes a trip to the hospital an interesting film.

  • Hospital in America is high technology than other countries you'll be fine 0001f609

  • The most expensive hotel room you'll stay in. Glad you feel better

  • You know it's a Casey VLOG when it's filmed even in the hospital. Glad you are ok man!

  • He didn't fly DRONE in hospital?

  • We should shoot something together on hospital life or perhaps your condition. Great way to educate folks on our healthcare system!

  • Think how different it would be if you where broke and had no money or insurance.

  • LMAO Candace is a savage

  • Hi.. thanks a lot for making a VLOG about hospital service in US Casey, really glad to know that you've treated with the best service in there, and it's a blessed to have a doctor (Candice's Dad) in your family so that he can early diagnosed the symptoms of your appendicitis 0001f44d

  • Get some probiotics so those wonder drug antibiotics don't mess with the rest of your bowels.

  • Indeed the longer we procrastinate checking our health the more serious it might get

  • So you have 9.7 million subscribers to a great channel a beautiful wife and her father is a top doctor,

  • Omg I’m SO glad your father in law forced you to go to the hospital. Like seriously! 0001f64c0001f3fd✨

  • Food? Take Care...

  • Lucky you!