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  • Published on Jul 2, 2018

  • it wasn't such a huge deal. i just don't like uncertainty with my health.. makes me feel out of control and a scared. Big thanks to Candice's dad for dragging me to the hospital. no way i would have gone otherwise and if i hadnt it would have been much more serious. and Thank you Candice for calling me a baby. i was indeed being a baby. AMAZING MUSIC; Lighthouse - https://soundcloud.com/thisislighthouse Melvv - https://soundcloud.com/itsmelvv
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  • We should shoot something together on hospital life or perhaps your condition. Great way to educate folks on our healthcare system!

  • Health is one of those blessings that we people tend to take it for granted. Glad you are OK Casey.

  • I've stayed at that very hospital. They're excellent. If there is ANY hospital you want to be stuck at for 21 hours, you picked the right one, my friend.

  • He didn't fly DRONE in hospital?

  • I was at vidcon and guess what no one cared that you were slightly late, everyone was amazed that you made it at all. You're a champion. And didn't you run a bunch of miles between your two panels? An icon.

  • Only Casey makes a trip to the hospital an interesting film.

  • i like when candice told casey when the camera fell

  • The most expensive hotel room you'll stay in. Glad you feel better

  • Think how different it would be if you where broke and had no money or insurance.

  • LMAO Candace is a savage

  • Everyone always rags on Candice but it’s so refreshing to see someone who

  • if you went to a hospital and DIDNT film a montage.. did yOu rEaLLy go to the hospital?

  • I don't mean to be of any alarm or such, but getting your appendix removed is probably the best decision. An appendectomy is a quick, highly efficient procedure that ensures no future issues. The new antibiotics for appendicitis may work in the present, but stay vigilant. It is often that it comes back in the near future very abruptly, and much, much more painful. I respect the decision, though. I wish you good health!

  • Looked like a definite scare. Good that your father-in-law is so on top of things. On a side note, I’ve never seen a private hospital room as nice as yours. 0001f4aa0001f3fc0001f4af

  • I had to remove my appendix because it was ruptured when I was 9. The worst nightmare of my life. The emergency room kept sending me home thinking it was just the flu. But my mom kept bringing me back because I couldn't hold on to any food or even teaspoons of water (I just puked it all out). They didn't even find anything in the CT-scan. Fortunately, after being at the hospital for more than a month, the did a keyhole surgery, found out what was wrong, took out the appendix as fast as possible, and now I'm still alive! (I wasn't far from not being alive tho!)

  • Somehow,

  • Get some probiotics so those wonder drug antibiotics don't mess with the rest of your bowels.

  • Having had Appendicitis and OPEN Surgery - BEFORE Laparoscopic Surgical Procedures were around - I can say he "dodged a bullet" - AND it will likely occur again. Basically he will have to have it out. AND - it is no joke - if a person waits too long - ignores it etc . . and it starts leaking or bursts open - people DIE from sepsis.

  • Honey, I think that's my bed

  • Candice's comedy gold