How does money laundering work? - Delena D. Spann

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  • I'm impressed with the video. the animation, voice work and presentation reminded me of old cartoons and their simplicity. excellent work creators! keep it up!

  • Ted-ed! Where even criminals can learn

  • Love these Ted-EDS

  • I've already learned that. Thanks to Breaking Bad

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  • Using History's most deadly colors colors for the thumbnail? I see what you did there

  • u put it on a laundry machine with soap and turn it on.

  • Wow this video was great. Amazing narration and artwork

  • i like the voice distortion in this one it suits the topic so f'in well.

  • this style of video is great! the old style, sfx and narration was put together so freaking well i love it! kudos to the creators

  • here from Ozark

  • 4:13

  • 4:16

  • TED-Ed is always throwing subliminal shade at Trump, LOL!

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  • the FEDERAL RESERVE - the biggest money laundering institution

  • The Clinton Foundation.

  • The art style was top notch!