How to make a Klein Bottle from an old pair of jeans - Numberphile

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  • Published on Jul 4, 2018

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  • How to make a Klein Bottle from an old pair of jeans - Numberphile etiketleri


  • This guy is insane...ly awsome!

  • This guy is what I want to be in the future.

  • The world feels so much better with this guy around :)

  • I definitely expected him to cut his arm off for a brief moment.

  • Watches video

  • I Imagine Cliff calling Brady at some inconvenient time and say,

  • "Save you money, save me time"

  • So would that make it a... Calvin Klein Bottle?

  • Bill Wurtz: "You could make a religion out of this."

  • "find a shirt"

  • I see Klein. I click Like.

  • I love how you didn't put even need to put Cliff in the thumbnail. As soon as we see just a klien bottle and a pair of jeans we already know who it's gonna be.

  • I can already hear the phone conversation: "[C] Brady Brady! You need to come, I need to show you something" "[B] What is it Cliff?" "[C] I just did laundry and you need to see this!" "[B] Is it another Klein bottle?" "[C] YES! But made out of jeans!" "[B] ..

  • In this episode, Cliff shows us how to make clothes for 4-dimensional beings.

  • God has returned.

  • I think that if Cliff Stoll gave a conference one day announcing that he has made a time machine with a DeLorean, everyone would say: "Okay". Without the slightest surprise.

  • Sees new Numberphile video with Klein bottle in its title.

  • WOW. Not only did he do that to a bunch of pants so that he could show us different steps in the process, not only did he do it live to a shirt he was wearing, he even reverse shilled his own products. This man is next level.

  • I love Cliff

  • "It's not a worn out jean, it's a 4D jean"