How to Make an Elephant Explode – The Size of Life 2

Sitene ekle
  • Published on Dec 21, 2017

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  • Mitochondria is the Powerhouse of the Cell

  • How to destroy every grow/shrink movie

  • Science

  • I was watching some animals grooming videos and then... "HOW TO MAKE AN ELEPHANT EXPLODE... with science"

  • The best thing in this video is the pissed up cleaner bird.

  • I feel bad for janitor bird

  • The mitochondria is the powerhouse of a cell.

  • Thanks for ruining ant man

  • Ant Man... more like Mr.Freeze now

  • "Imagine a flesy cube"

  • I found smaller, not necessarily younger humans have faster hart beats.

  • Create a weapon that speeds up cells

  • Holly shit.... did this video just explain why Titans in attack on Titan are steaming hot?? Because since they are humans transforming into Tiatans this phenomenon should apply to them

  • Nothing brings in the Christmas season like blowing up elephants.

  • Was there a "Stranger Things"-Reference?

  • What happend to Kurzgesagt?? I miss them so much :c

  • Haha I liked that reference to the simpsons movie where Honer has to eat so many donuts

  • Thumbnail has pink elephant, real video has blue one. CLICKBAIT!